Giving up my last 1.3

If you’re still looking for Soylent 1.3, I have some. I had a subscription for almost a year, but just couldn’t keep up on it - father of 4 boys and my work just never fit well with Soylent for some reason. I have 4 boxes of 1.3 and 1 and 5/7 boxes of 1.2. Of those six, only one box has been opened. All the oil is included.
To make things easy, let’s say the one-time payment cost ($70 a box), but no shipping - I’ll cover that. ($50 for the 5/7 box of 1.2).
I’ll miss Soylent, and I hope to be back soon. Until then, someone should enjoy this 1.3!
PM me or reply to this thread. Cheers,

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I’ll take the 1.3. PM’d.