Glazed Soylent Flapjacks - Feedback Please


Hi guys,

I like the idea of making a flapjack and glazing it with the crushed up vitamin pill and a few bits.

Its taken me ages to get to where I am and so I thought I’d open it up to feedback to help me refine the recipe.
I know iron is way too high, I think another vitamin pill might be a good choice.

A few things I’d be interested in are:
Will the vitamins suffer from being in a glaze, particularly over time?
How easy would it be to convert this to a keto recipe (its already high fat low carb)?
Suggestions to improve the nutrients balance, particularly iron and omegas.

The recipe can be found here:

Thanks in advance everyone. :smile:

Two-Part Soylent, Liquid and Solid?

There’s some iron free multivitamins on iHerb, this is the one I ordered

I think some vitamins lose their effectiveness if exposed to light? I’ve seen a few things here where people have mentioned ways to keep light off their Soylent mixes to preserve the vitamins. I don’t know if your glaze would expose them to much heat/light though so I just thought I’d mention it


Cool, thanks.
I guess keeping them in a tin of some sort should minimise the light exposure… :smile:


To me, a big appeal of Soylent is not having to cook, wash dishes, use the stove, etc. If I’m going to be cooking flapjacks, might as well eat food. :slight_smile: if you’ve found it saves significant time, and improves taste or consumability, to cook it, cool. It’s good to know there are ways to add variety to such a diet.