Gluten-free soylent?


I checked soylent 1.4 and it still triggered my gluten sensitivity. I’d really love a gluten-free soylent.


We all would but unfortunately they haven’t been able to get the gluten contamination low enough to get the certification.


Last time they mentioned the gluten levels of Soylent… it was actually VERY close to 20ppm, I believe the phrasing was something along the lines of “hitting the upper limit of 20ppm”… a level that many qualify as “gluten free” or “low gluten”. Do you have “Celiac Disease”?


Unless you have Celiac there is no point in going gluten free. There is no harm in it either.


I’ve tested negative for celiac’s disease, however being gluten-free makes a big difference in my life. After 40 years of eating modern wheat (spelt doesn’t seem to have any affect on me), I had so much indigestion that I started coughing, first a little, then eventually almost constantly until I coughed so much and so hard that I literally broke a rib. It was only after adopting a gluten-free lifestyle that the coughing dissipated and the indigestion stopped, in addition to stopping what had been very common headaches and bouts with IBS.


What makes you think it was the gluten and not another substance in the foods you are now avoiding?


Gluten-sensitivity placebo is well documented. Gluten-free is not a ‘lifestyle’.


Spelt is delicious and I love it, but it contains a significant amount of gluten. You must have some other allergy.


When I eat a product with wheat in it, I get phlegm in my throat with 10-20 minutes.


I live gluten-free, but as I said, it’s the wheat to which I’m sensitive


Because I’m not avoiding anything else besides wheat and when I don’t avoid wheat, I feel it.


really? you think the lack of placebo broke my rib? interesting.


No. More likely you’re allergic to wheat. If spelt doesn’t bother you, then it’s not the gluten. However, wheat allergy is a real thing. .



As I mentioned, it’s the wheat I find myself sensitive to, but the only way I can make life work for me is to order/purchase gluten-free food; there doesn’t seem to be many “wheat-free” options in the world.


If it’s just wheat that sets off your symptoms then it’s not gluten you’re reacting to. Wheat, rye, barely and apparently spelt have gluten in them. If you can eat any of them without reaction then you don’t have a problem with gluten. It’s entirely possible you are sensitive to something in wheat other than the gluten.


You’re saving that I read Wheat Belly, stopped eating wheat and then because I’d convinced myself that wheat was the issue, that my many long-term wheat allergy symptoms disappeared. That would be true except that I’ve since learned that various foods contain wheat based on symptoms coming back when I eat those things and then look at the packaging. My ability to cause symptoms to happen from my brain would only work if I knew ahead of time that something contained wheat.


Soylent 1.4 doesn’t contain wheat so you should be fine. The trace gluten is from oat flour; there is no wheat in Soylent 1.4 (or if there is I don’t see it in the list of ingredients).


I think what you mean is nocebo not placebo. Placebos make you feel good for no reason. Nocebos make you feel bad for no reason.


Soylent contains trace amounts of wheat from cross-contamination of the oat flour. Either in the harvesting or the processing of the oats some wheat gets into the process. So yes, Soylent contains wheat even though it is not listed as an ingredient. Gluten-free oat flour is available. RL is not using it for Soylent.


@csells I’m sorry you’ve had to defend yourself on this thread, your comments didn’t really warrant all the challenging. I am also gluten or wheat sensitive. I haven’t bothered to find out because I can control my symptoms (excema) with meds. But I often seek out gluten free products to keep the symptoms manageable. For me it’s just a simple way to eliminate any of the potential offenders without going through the hassle of pinpointing the problem items. So, just because it’s trendy to be “gluten-free” doesn’t mean that it isn’t actually helpful for some people.