Glycerol Monostearate - anyone using it in their DIY?


In my search for a powdered fat for use in my DIY, I have come across Glycerol Monostearate, as sold here and described here. I have yet to order any to try it out, but I was hoping someone might have considered using it, or is using it, or might know a bit more about it. Since it appears to be about 70% carbs and 30% fat, I’d have to adjust my formula radically, but i’m not averse to doing that if it means I can do without having to store liquid oils and measure them out on a daily basis. A brief rework of my recipe tells me i’d need quite a bit if i was to try to replace the liquid oils - and i’m not sure if having 172g of it a day would be safe. it’s also not cheap. but not out of the realms of possibility as i mainly intend to use it for some travelling, to avoid having to take the oils.


Replace some of the carbs in your recipe with a maltodextrin and then create powdered fat by adding your oil to it.

There are tutorials out there, including youtube videos, and you can use pretty much any type of fat (including bacon grease.)

I’ve been looking at this for my diy recipe for a while. The only thing I’m not sure about is storage… how long will it keep at room temperature inside a sealed container?

I’m not seeing why tapioca maltodextrin is used vs corn or other types. My own experiments show corn maltodextrin working just fine. I see tapioca listed as 3 DE, meaning it’s much less sweet than corn (~10 DE.) So it may be a flavor issue, in which case corn or other maltodextrins are just fine.


So is this suggestion because you think the GMS is unsafe, or too expensive?


From what I’ve read, it’s closer to a carbohydrate than a fat (straight to the liver for glucogenesis,) plus it’s more expensive than just mixing your oils into a powder form.


I think I would prefer to find a powdered fat as getting the concentration correct would be difficult unless I did it on a per basis, in which case I might as well just use oil. I’d rather have something I can measure out with the rest of it. Cost is not an issue, and I have already lowered the other carbs to match it. There are other options I just was after some feedback about GMS


Just calculate the post-mixed powdered oil amount, and you can do it in an amount that scales to some number of days. The only reason I recommend this is that powdered fat is almost impossible to find. There are icecream ingredients of high DE maltodextrin base that’s essentially a variation of this type of powdered oil. The cost and suitability of powdered fat ingredients that I’ve found are going to be less effective just whipping up the oil on your own.

Glycerol Monostearate isn’t going to provide the minimal fatty acid ratios for optimal health. This isn’t to say you couldn’t go for a week or so without “healthy” fat, but the powdered oil would serve to keep the formula healthy. I’m definitely pursuing this route for my own formula.

Which recipe are you using? I’d be happy to take a whack at getting the powdered oil portion of the recipe done for you.


Its in the original post

I have emailed this company:

Asking them for a nutritional breakdown of their product. I suspect its nasty but we shall see.


Oh, hah! I see that now.

Here’s a good breakdown of how fat is metabolized. Glycerol Monosteareate is getting you part of the fats, without the fatty acids.

The glycerol, without being rebuilt into triglycerides, is instead broken down directly into glucose, just like a carbohydrate, with just a tad different metabolic pathway. It’d be interesting to see if it’s like fructose, with potentially harmful effects, or if it’s actually a good source of calories without a lot of side effects.


I would have recommended MCT Powder, but then I realized that it’s just the MCT oil combined with maltodextrin.


I don’t know much about Glycerol Monostearate, but just to throw this out there, have you considered nuts and seeds?

If you blended some Almonds, Walnuts, or Hemp hearts into your mixture then it help both the oil balance and the flavor. If you like slightly bitter flavors then consider sesame and chia.

Of course, doubling up on the oil when not travelling might be another option.


Doubling up on the oil when not travelling - or putting all your oils into just one of the day’s meals - is quite doable. The body can do a good job storing/releasing the fat as needed. Thanks for the idea.

Side notes: the meals with no oil in them have the potential to be less satisfying (leave you hungrier more quickly), insulin response to the meal will be higher (the oil lowers the GI of the blend), and some nutrients are better absorbed when consumed with oils (for example, the oil-soluble vitamins). Of course, some nutrients may also be absorbed better. (Don’t know of any offhand, except the macronutrient carbs, which will be absorbed more quickly, but that’s generally not a good thing.)


Flaxseed meal is good- for example, the Bob’s Red Mill is basically ~5g fat (mostly Omega-3, too!), 4g fiber, 3g protein per 13g serving. Probably don’t want to make it your exclusive fat source, want some saturated in there too (Coconut flour?), but it could cover about half.


Downside of ground flax is a poor shelf life - it goes bad quickly. In good conditions, it can go bad in 6-12 weeks. How long was it in the warehouse before you got it?

For the same reasons, flax oil needs to be kept in the fridge or it goes bad quickly, too. (It should taste sweet and nutty.)

If you keep whole flax seed, it lasts longer, but you need to chew it to digest, or you need to grind it.

If you grind it yourself, you need an good grinder and have to avoid heating the flax - heating it can quickly break down the ALA, which is the omega-3 fatty acid in flax. The omega-3’s in fish oils are more heat tolerant than the ALA in flax. I don’t know how warm is “too warm” when grinding flax.


I am planning a 60 day backpacking expedition in india so doubling up is not an option. I am planning on splitting the diy into 2 week packages and posting them ahead to various pickup points, hence the desire to not be posting bottles of oil.

I have most of the logistics sorted out, just this final oil issue.
I will look into nuts. I was using almold meal for a while, might work.


i didn’t get a reply, but a little google-fu on their site has turned up a few pdfs