GNC Mega Men Sport


Hi all!

Quick question… has anyone from Australia had any luck sourcing this ingredient for their recipes? Looking for the powdered version, not tablets. I can find tablets aplenty, but no powders =(


Replyed to your other thread, here is a copy of the most relevant suggestion.

Your laws are very interesting.  What about ebay? or the US website?
The US amazon ships to Australia, have you checked if they will ship the Mega Men Sport Powder?


It’s basicly illegal for import anywhere outside of USA, I tried to get my hands on it myself… you can’t even order it from their own site ( you would have to use a third party website that will get it delivered to them, and then they would ship it to you… I would like to hear if anyone outside of USA has had luck ordering it, but I believe you can’t get it in europe, at least.