Going 100% Soylent. Advice?


Tomorrow I am starting 30 days of 100% Soylent. Hoping to kick cravings for bad food and lose some weight in the process. Any advice?


Are you going powder? Or RTD? My advice — pretend you’re eating when you drink it. Guzzling it really isn’t a good idea if you aren’t used to it. Small frequent sips.


I am doing 2.0. Probably 5x daily.


Personally I find the powder more filling, but needs flavoring (at least the original… haven’t tried cacao yet).


Of Long Bros. Books?


If you can afford it add casein protein, it is a slow digesting protein and will help make you feel full


Expect to feel not so great for a few days. That big of a change can be a shock.

If you find yourself hungry after the amount of Soylent allotted, don’t eat something else, just have more Soylent.

I actually like the cacao powder more than I like the drinks, so if you feel like variety, consider trying that.

When to have meals is an interesting variable to play with. I had surprisingly good results with having more in the morning and less later in the day, but YMMV.

100% Soylent is a fun thing to try, but there are a lot of beneficial ways to integrate Soylent into your lifestyle, I find.


Be sure to drink a tall glass of water along with every bottle. You’ll get dehydrated without it, and it will help fill you up.

Space the five out for the day. Depending on how early in the day you start, you might find yourself getting hungry between Soylents at first. Know when your next one is coming so you can look forward to it.



Oh, and do yourself a favor now and take a “before” picture of yourself right now, even if you’re not planning on losing weight. Trust me.


If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t drink 5 a day – do 3 or 4 (1200 or 1600 calories, respectively). I did 3 bottles of 2.0 exclusively for 3 months (with one cheat day a week) and lost 35 pounds.


I would recommend not suddenly changing your diet and instead slowly changing it


For the record I did 100% over night change to Soylent with no ill effects,


So you had never tasted Soylent, and you decided to go 100% without ever having tasted it? Interesting.I had it for a few days, then paused, then went 100%. You must have had a lot of faith in Rob.


You should still eat some solid food or your peristalsis will be irregular. Your intestines can atrophy just like your muscles if not utilized consistently and properly. Liquid also passes quickly through your body, whereas solid takes more time, allowing for more absorption of nutrients. Solids also take up more space, utilizing more intestinal villi, whereas liquid will pool and drain down one side of the intestine, which ultimately means less villi are being utilized and will lead to atrophy, reducing nutrient absorption capacity. Also, I would caution against drinking Original flavor in large quantity, since it contains a questionable oligosaccharide that caused myself and others painful bloating over time; the distributing company said it causes painful bloating and diarrhea at 40+ grams, which sounds like a lot, but not when you’re drinking 5 Soylents per day, it adds up faster than the body can excrete it. Stick to another flavor, such as Cacao, and don’t go full liquid. At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts to weight loss, you need to exercise in addition to any diet plan.


I have been using it as a meal replacement for several years. Often several times a day. I am just thinking if taking the leap now and going 100% for a month. Generally i drink 1 Cafe Vanilla and 2 Original a day.


No, no no no. Eating that little each day is not advisable if you’re trying to lose weight. Generally speaking, active guys can lose weight at 2500 calories a day, and active girls can lose weight at 2000 a day. If you create too much of a deficit, you start to mess with your metabolism and hormones in a bad way. For yourself specifically, find one or more “TDEE Calculators” and determine roughly how much you should be eating per day to maintain weight, then subtract about 1-2x your lb body weight in calories.

Here’s the thing, for one reason or another everyone is convinced that “2000 Calories a Day” is this perfect ideal for what human beings should consume. It’s not. There are too many variables for that to be true. The more you weigh (both fat and muscle), the more calories you need per day. The more active you are, the more you need. Whether you are a man or woman makes a difference, and whether you are young or old makes a difference. Many people who are “dieting” are eating far less than they should, and they have problems because of it. Problems sticking with it, problems seeing results, and problems with their metabolism rapidly slowing down to ensure death isn’t around the corner. Does 2000 a day apply to some people? Sure. Does it apply to everyone? Hardly.

I myself used to believe in “2000 Calories a Day”, I also found it hard to stick with it and see results. Why? Because my body needed more. For the past five months or so I’ve been consuming about 2700 Calories a Day and I’ve (very) slowly been losing weight. How? I’ve been strict about sticking to that goal, and getting the proper nutrition I need within that goal (protein, fiber, vitamins, etc). I’ve also realized that exercise is the only way for me to obtain a physique that I want. I lost weight until I had an epiphany about the fact that I was losing what little muscle I had. Weight loss is rarely the true goal, fat loss is. If you want to ensure that you are only losing fat, then you’ll want to exercise. You don’t have to do anything crazy though, muscle maintenance is much easier than muscle building, but an effort will need to be made either way.

Here is the progress that I’ve made over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot through it all, and I’m still learning. My hope is that I can help others with what I’ve learned, that’s all.




I’ve actually done three 30 Day Soylent Challenges, and I actually documented the second one fairly well below…

… I’m sure you can find helpful things in there. Something I would like to mention here however is that you should take the opportunity to get some exercise in. What opportunity? All the time you’re saving by not cooking/prepping food. I feel like the value of a workout program can’t be understated, but if you don’t have the cash for one, try to find something free. Nutrition is only one part (the bigger part) in living a healthy lifestyle, exercise is the other part. You’ll look better and feel better.

Linked below is a video from the guy who’s program I’m currently following and getting good results from. If there is any way at all that you can afford a program, do it, you have no idea how much it will be worth it. If you can’t however, this guy has hundreds of free videos you can reference and utilize. A program will (at least try to) make the most out of the time you spend working out, so even a free one is better than just making stuff up as you go. Just try to ensure that it’s a trustworthy one.


Thanks! I just read thru your challenge. Did you have any issues with an all-liquid diet?

I am going to start with 5x daily (2000 calories) and adjust from there. I am just concerned about losing muscle instead of fat.


No physical issues, mentally it was definitely boring though, lol. Surprisingly I found that I “ate” slower on a 100% Soylent diet than I did/do normally.

As for muscle loss, like I said, just get exercise in. Ideally that would come from a quality plan, second best to that would be a free plan, and third best to that would be making something up yourself based on reliable information. If you’re wanting to build muscle (as opposed to maintaining muscle), the same thing applies, but I would suggest eating more calories total and getting more protein in (1.5-2.0 times your kg body weight or roughly 1 gram per pound). You can still do a caloric deficit and build muscle, but you’ll want to do a smaller deficit (just run a TDEE Calculator or two, and subtract your body weight from the number it gives you).


For me when I went from 0-100% overnight I knew it was what I needed to do to ‘hack’ my behavior patterns. Anything less and I’d just make excuses to over eat. The only ‘out’ I gave myself was if it made me sick/I couldn’t tolerate it. For me at least, I experienced no ill effects GI-wise (100%powder)