Going 100% Soylent


So, I’m sure this has talked about quite a bit before, but I should be getting my shipment in soon (who knows), and am interested in Soylent for weight loss reasons. To stay committed, I thought I would cold-turkey to 100% Soylent when I get it. Have other people done this? What have your experiences been like?


I did that - for 2 weeks. (that’s how much I ordered initially) It went fine, other than bad gas. That is an issue that most folks seem to have, regardless of whether they ease into it or not. Anyway, I was mildly surprised at how much I enjoyed the taste, and quite surprised at how satiated I felt while on it. (I didn’t really feel “full”, but I wasn’t “hungry” -subtle but important difference)

Longest stretch where I’ve gone 100% is 18 days. (not counting coffee & beer) I was never hungry then, either. Had occasional cravings for “junk food”, though. My normal routine is 100% Soylent for work days (4 days/week) and 100% “regular food” the other 3 days. Works perfectly for me. My weight remains steady, and I basically eat whatever slop I want on weekends. :wink:

YEMD. (Your Experience May Differ)


I did this when I first got Soylent a few months back. I am about 80% now but I was 100% for a month and I dove right in without transitioning.

I will admit that I am a rare case since most people suffer hunger, gas, and headaches. I suffered none of these problems. If anything my gas became less frequent than it was before Soylent. I didn’t have any headaches. The only sort of problem I experienced was feeling too full from a days supply. I cut back to about 3/4 of a pouch per day until my body got more used to it and now I usually eat a pouch per day.

Based solely on my own experiences I would say jump right in 100%.


Be prepared for the most outrageous gas of your life. Actually, prepare you friends and family, if you want to keep them. It will be an exciting time, full of sound and definite fury.


Additional info from my last post:

I mix with a little over 2L of water. I also consume it at intervals of between 2½ to 4 hours throughout the day. That tends to break down to approx. 3x½L + 2x¼L (last 2 of the day) “meals”. My first “meal” being a nice big coffee! :coffee: (Kicking Horse 454 via Aeropress, normally)

And although I had the bad gas that most people had, when I got the 1.3 formula, the gas all but vanished. But I was 100% for a longer stretch at that point, so that could be why, not the formula change. I’ll find out if it was due to the difference in duration or the formula when I get my Feb. shipment…


I don’t think it will work for you.

Even the instructions say to ease into it.

I had a lot of trouble going to high quantities of soylent with gas, but maybe that’s going down. I had more trouble with the consistency when going to the bathroom.

What made me a lot more successful with soylent is adding a tablespoon or so of Psyllium husk when making a pitcher of soylent. This changed the consistency when going to the bathroom and this helped a LOT.

In the end I didn’t try and force it – I made Soylent my snack food. It works great that way. I don’t get cravings and I stay alert. I think it gives even blood sugar.


It’s hit or miss. I went straight to 100% and adjusted within a week (aside from gas). Some didn’t need to adjust. And then some did terribly. Hard to really guess.


It could also come down to individual genetic make-up too i guess.


coal pills help with the gas, take them a bit after you have your meal