Going on DIY soylent for 30 days


So I’m starting a 30 day soylent adventure (hopefully longer funds willing) and I’ve started a blog to share my experiences.

Here’s the recipe I’m using http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/kitira-food based off @hharris’s chocolate silk.

Any tips or advise for a new DIY soylenter is greatly welcome!


Welcome to DIY, I started the beginning of the year and haven’t regretted it a bit.

FYI, you don’t need the MSM sulfur, your protein contains sufficient sulfur as SAA’s.


If your body isn’t used to that amount of fiber I wouldn’t quit regular food cold turkey. It can cause digestive issues till your body adjusts.

I also agree with @kennufs you don’t need the sulfur. Double check the nutrition to be sure you didn’t miss something. Also look at the USDA database if you didn’t already for the food items to make sure you have accurate info.

Also the recipe seems to have 2 kinds of potassium in it for some reason. Why is that?


I left the potassium sources unmodified from the base recipe, so I can’t say for sure why they were chosen originally. However, in my research I found that potassium chloride is very efficient at delivering potassium but tends to cause gastrointestinal disturbances when taken in quantities high enough to fulfill one’s daily requirements. Potassium gluconate has less potassium by mass and therefore costs more to deliver the same amount of potassium, but it does not irritate the GI tract as much as potassium chloride does. So in my estimation it’s a combination of cost and side-effect minimization.

I looked up some scholarly articles on the subject. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know methionine supplied so much sulfur :smile:


There’s always potassium citrate. Its cheaper than gluconate and I have yet to have any digestive issues with it. As far as the bioavailability of it I can’t say.


You also get sulfur from the cysteine as well as the methionine.

Would that be if the daily allotment is all taken at once? Throughout the day as you would with soylent it may not have the same issue.

I’ve also been using citrate with good results.


I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll try potassium citrate as my sole source of potassium in my next batch and see how it tastes.


The blog is up to date.

Also, if I remove the cocoa powder what could I use to replace the fiber and iron?


You are using a lot of cocoa and may find that you actually like it if you reduce it a bit to start, try 15-25g and see how it goes. Soy protein is a good source of iron, you may consider replacing some of whey to make up the difference.

Coconut floor,
Flax seeds,
Chia seeds (also have a fair bit of iron),
Psyllium husk…
depends on what kind of fiber your looking for too.

Chia and Psyllium both bulk up quite a bit, but in different ways. Chia will gel and thicken, I found when I was using it that it helped keep my mix in suspension well. Psyllium will engorged itself a lot, some have found that they don’t like the texture it brings.

Also, don’t rely to heavily on a single additive for fiber. Besides needing both soluble and insoluble I found while experimenting with some keto recipes that even a source I liked could overpower the flavor profile if I went above about 15g of any single source. I found a blend of several in smaller doses to work best.


@kennufs thank you!
I took (most) of your advise.
How necessary is Phosphorus?


You should have plenty of phosphorous coming from your protein, it looks like the ingredient breakdown you have for your protein is incomplete as you only show a couple of micros coming from the protein. I’m not sure where you got the data, but do recommend double checking the ingredient breakdown for anything you copy from someone’s recipe, not everyone has vetted their ingredients sufficiently. Don’t rely on nutrition labels either as they’re rarely complete, they’re only required to list certain items, so a lot of stuff gets left off the label. The USA database is a good resource to help verify what your ingredients contain.

That much fiber may give you some distress too, you may want to cut back a bit unless you’re used to it already.