Good Mythical Morning Soylent Review


I know it is old (2 years and 2 months old now), but I have searched the forums and could not find this posted anywhere, so I am posting Good Mythical Morning’s review of Soylent, mainly to make it easier to find in the future for anyone that wants to do so.

At over 1.5 million views, it would be the most viewed video (or any piece of media) pertaining to Soylent, ever, so I thought it needed to at least be posted in the forums for posterity.

They are a very popular YouTube duo; hopefully they revisit Soylent at some point to address the concerns they originally had.

Apologies if this is already posted somewhere; I honestly couldn’t find it.

GMM Meal Replacement Video

Disappointing! Why didn’t they try it? They’ve eaten all sorts of crazy things on their show.


I don’t know how widely available it was when they made the video over 2 years ago. That was well before 1.0 came out.


Good point. Time for them to try 1.4!


In order to reclaim 12 minutes of my life I could:
A: prepare Soylent rather than a muggle meal.
B: wake up 12 minutes earlier tomorrow.
C: unwatch that video.