Good Tasting Soylent Instructional Video


It seems like maybe 1 or 2 people on this board have actually made soylent (with all the ingredients) that actually tastes good enough to drink. Would one of you mind posting a video of yourself making the drink one morning? It would help to see the emulsion/mixing procedure and if you could post a list of any special ingredients you use (i.e. what you use for fat, etc) that would be really really helpful. There’s something special about a video that makes things seem much more attainable than text only instructions,… I (and I think everyone else here) would really appreciate it!! Thanks!


I’ve made mine about 5 different ways and every time found it palatable/tasty. I even find it tasty without carbs. My experience may be unusual… hmm, or I just have a high tolerance.


do you have a camera that would be easy to use in recording a ‘making of’ video the next time you mix up a batch? I realize that essentially all there is to it is mixing together the right stuff in the right way but I feel like there might be something subtle that I’m missing that I would get right away if I just saw a video of somebody who knows how to make it make it :slight_smile: I haven’t tried emulsifiers yet as suggested by Rob and others because I won’t have the time for a bit (I’m traveling and away from my chemicals) but I would be particularly curious to see what the effect of that looks like (if you use emulsifiers) when mixing the oil (or whatever it is you use for fat).


If anyone did this (or even a bad tasting soylent video) that’d be really really cool.
Also I know this topic is hella old but I want someone to do it.


Lol, I have my first soylent video on my computer. I added a bit too much salt and I tried adding a cranberry-apple flavor packet. Taste was horrid, mostly due to the first set of ingredients I used, and the salt.


Ok I guess I’ll do it…on my next batch, which is tomorrow. I just gotta find a camera :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, here’s a video I did. Apologies for the slow start. I had a lot of fun making this, and I’m looking forward to seeing others’ videos!

As far as making good tasting soylent goes, I believe that the most important things are choosing macronutrient sources which taste good and taste good together, and getting a thorough mix with no chunks (e.g. using a blender). As far as emulsifiers are concerned, I got lucky because my protein powder contains an emulsifier (lecithin) which keeps everything together adequately. Sadly I don’t know anything about using emulsifiers on purpose.


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Sorry about that! Fixed now?


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@nwthomas Tom, I am watching your video, getting 3/5 from your magnesium seems a bit inefficient - why didn’t you buy the 100mg ones (which are more common, at least here in Malta) and put in 3 of those?


You’re right that it’s inefficient; those pills are just what I have right now. A smarter person would buy correctly sized supplements.