Good vs Bad Soylent batches?

So I have been doing soylent since earlier this year basically couple batches before it switched to 1.5. I like 1.4. Don’t mind 1.5.

Family thinks I am crazy for drinking it, but hell it’s better than fast food, and if I am consistent on it as main food I slowly lose weight. Though I need to find some good flavorings get bored of the plain Soylent, and cravings for food/flavor.

So the problem I seem to be having just recently is I get a batch(tends to be the one I pay for), and it will mix really dark compared to everything I have seen online and from previous batches. So I get a hold of support and I receive a good batch. Mixes completely different from the bad batch. One of the first bad batches I received was before a trip I went on during the summer. Right before that I ordered my mom a starter kit to try. Come to find out it was bad and she was still eating it, even though it smelled just Horribly rancid, in powdered form and mixed. Got her batch and mine replaced. She hasn’t touched hers sadly so it’s been my backup with these bad batches.

Things I have noticed with these bad batches have been darker color than normally see, and stuff settling quickly, white and brown.

Recently paid batch that I received the other day: Lot G5114DA Exp 04/2016
Last replacement batch: L5148 Exp 05/15

I made a batch from the most recent package and let it sit over night though I figured it wouldn’t mix right. It didn’t even after lots of shaking to mix it this morning stuff was still settling to the bottom that wouldn’t normally. Looked dark with larger than normal white stuff and some brownish stuff sinking to the bottom. Even after all the shaking after it had sit over night. Also would like to mention this batch of 2 weeks came in a very large box. for how big the soylent boxes are. I first thought what the hell did I order and forgot about. I knew I had soylent coming but normally its a box just big enough for the 2 boxes.

Said screw it grabbed a bag from the replacement batch and mixed it quickly. Mixed and looked much lighter and smoother than the recent received, even though it was just mixed.

Does anyone have pictures of what their bad / good batched have looked like? I have tried to find some. I feel like I am going to have to request another replacement, because I don’t think I am going to be able to eat this new batch I received, and this will be I think my 3rd replacement, in a row basically. Which has me worried.

Am I crazy? Does this make any sense?

See the Strange smell and taste from v1.5 lot 5246 thread…

I have been on Soylent almost 100% for a year and haven’t encountered bad batches.

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Do you have a smartphone or something you could take pics with? I’ve heard talk of bad batches but I’ve not gotten one myself yet.

Um… do you not pay for all your Soylent?

I am paying for batches it’s just that recently my regular subscription batches have been just horrible. While the replacements have been fine.

I mix it by the bag. I put in 1/4 container of water whole bag another 1/4 or so of water. Mix that for a bit, and then add the rest of the water. When I go to add the rest it just smells horribly. I opening it and it’s like opening a left over that’s gone bad and was left in the fridge for a while. Also it is hard to get rid of the clumps.

My good batches I don’t get that.

^ First 2 photos with two containers Left one is the bad batch, my first one I believe. Right container is left over from the last of the good soylent I had at the time. Current bad batch looks like the one on the left. I sent the first 2 pictures to support at the time.

The rest of the pictures of the large container are from my current good batch, that I am eating.

I will make another bag of the bad batch tonight and take pictures. It tends to settle a lot, and take a lot of shaking to mix back up. While my good batches hardly settle at all, with very little shaking needed to mix back up.

And I just realized I forgot to make a support ticket last night. And now I have a reminder.

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I’ve had individual bags within a box that turn out dark that way, and don’t taste as good as the lighter batches, but I haven’t experienced any of the rancid smell or taste you mentioned.

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Ok I just finished making another bag of the bad batch. Ug the smell is horrible. I added more pictures to the previous dropbox link I posted earlier. I hate my lighting it sucks. It’s hard to see the color difference in some of the new pictures.

I noticed that unless the pitcher was absolutely clean, the batch goes bad almost immediately. It’s a pretty good bacterial growth media, and yeast too.

Yeah I ran into that once early on. Learned I had to take it apart all the way and remove the seal rings.