Google takes on nutrition



I would not be surprised if google acquired Soylent Corp within the next 5 years.


Not google itself but I wouldn’t be surprised if its founders didn’t invest in it.


Wow, very cool, thanks for the link!


Oh man I love this so damn much. Ever since getting interested in Soylent I’ve loved counting my calories and comparing one food to another (mostly to figure out which is the best junk food to buy $/g’s xD)
I’m going to be comparing so much stuff now, all the damn time. Is there an app I wonder?


This is basically rendered useless due to minuscule amount of foods covered.


Try out WolframAlpha. It has a bunch of information on food as well as a billion other things. I haven’t played with it much but seems interesting:


This is pretty good. In fact, its way better than Google.