GoPuff to Ruin College Students With Soylent On Demand



That was a ridiculously negative article that took cheap shots at Soylent for no reason. Neither the point of the article nor the substance of the information provided was in any way improved by the antagonism affected by the author. I still don’t understand why, after all this time, the editorial policy of online publications is skewed to such a pointless degree towards this product. It’s not original, it’s not clever, and it’s not informative.


clicks, clicks, clicks, clicks.


The company obviously sees a demand or they wouldn’t branch out into it, the author is probably thinking to himself the whole time he is typing “don’t they know it’s people!” Or it has so in it, soy will kill you


Honestly, other than the headline (which was probably not chosen by the author), I thought it was a decent article. It was puffed up with a few negative quotes, but they were all conveniently linked to the article they came from, so it’s pretty easy for a reader to pop over and decide for themselves if the quote was valid or not.


Why only college students though, everyone else will be unaffected apparently


Because only college students are too busy to want to deal with shopping and food prep/cleanup and would buy Soylent instead, dontchyaknow.

rolls eyes


Wait, Soylent bottles are square now? You’d think the glue like texture would benefit more from the previous round bottles…Less stickage, right?

Besides, a recent study done by the , did you hear about the latest Ravens loss last weekend? That was a pretty big loss and apparently they really need to shape up their defense to the other guys offensive line…I mean seriously now.

Anyway when 2 bottles of equal diameter and filled with exactly 2.654 oz each, it was found that the round ones froze from the left side towards the center until solid, vs the square ones which froze from the can you believe it’s Oct already?! I mean where does all that time go?

Chewbacca defense baby!


That’s a great throw back reference!


im not getting the reference, enlighten me so i can laugh too


It’s based of an old south park episode in which a lawyer rambles nonsense with no logical connection and to get his client acquitted. It’s a jab at the OJ Simpson trials.