Got a bit of a response on my question about shipping


I had a bit of a back and forth via email when asking questions about the shipment of my 1 month supply of Soylent.

I posted them as responses to someone’s thread on /r/soylent.

Here’s a permalink to the thread.

I’d like to hear what others think of the responses I have gotten. I will update when I receive more.


I personally am not a big Redditor (possibly in the minority on this tech-y board), but, having determined what posts you’re talking about I’m going to cross post them here so others can follow the conversation. If you want me to take down the cross posts just ask.

I am very sorry for the negative experience you have had waiting on your Soylent order. I know that you have been waiting an extensive amount of time and we truly appreciate your patience. We are working as hard as possible to get everyone their Soylent orders as soon as possible.

We started the campaign in May 2013 hoping to ship to everyone at once, but due to the volume of preorders this was rapidly proven impossible. We spent several weeks in August discussing the best method of shipping Soylent preorders. We wanted to optimize for the following factors:

Fairness - Adhering as closely to a first-contributed, first-served model as possible. Efficiency - Fulfilling orders in a manner that best fits our manufacturing capabilities. Reorders - When a supporter receives their Soylent, they must be able to reorder immediately. The last thing we want is for someone to try Soylent for a week and then have to wait for several weeks to receive more.

The queue has been arranged primarily by order size and secondarily by order date because we feel it was the best compromise between the above considerations. We value each and every customer, such as yourself, who purchased their Soylent early on and still believe in that initial investment.

In regard to your 1 month order, I can not give you an exact shipping date but we are currently shipping 1 month orders so it could ship anytime this month. My advice would be wait see if you get a shipping notification this week. If you don’t then contact us again to update your shipping address on 7/21/201

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. We appreciate your continued support and patience!

Thank you for your reply. Can you answer this question then: Have I already been charged for my Soylent or will I be charged when it ships even though I ordered in July 2013?

Their reply to that was this:
Hello Chris,
Thank you for your prompt response.

I do not have access to your account at this time so I am forwarding your request to our Higher Level Support staff who will contact you shortly in regard to the status of your orders.

Thanks for your support and patience!
Best, The Soylent Team


Fine with me. I just personally hate the discourse software.


Of course, yesterday they just admitted that they halted shipping two weeks ago…so this wasn’t exactly an honest answer.


Can you link to where this was said?


Here is a link to it: