Got an update from Soylent about my order


This email just arrived:

We are writing to let you know that your Soylent will ship approximately 3-7 days later than its guaranteed shipping date (14 days after billing). Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Your next billing date will be 28 days after your current order ships.

This delay was caused by an interruption in our ingredient supply chain. To ensure that our product includes only the best ingredients, we perform rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing on all of our raw ingredients upon receipt. Unfortunately, a recent shipment of our custom vitamin and mineral blend did not pass QA testing, and had to be replaced by the manufacturer. Although delivering your Soylent on time is of the utmost importance, the health and safety of our customers always take precedence.

With our new funding, we have joined forces with two additional manufacturers, which will significantly increase our production and minimize the chance of any future shipping delays. Our Soylent manufacturing capabilities will increase up to 50 times our previous rate, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety. This will allow us to ship more than 1 million Soylent pouches by March of this year, surpassing our 2014 deliveries in just three months.

Again, we apologize for this delay, and we truly appreciate your patience. To show our appreciation for your continued support, we are applying a 15% discount to your next order. This change will be reflected on your Soylent subscription account.

Your support and enthusiasm for Soylent has taken us to new heights. We are working tirelessly to improve our manufacturing process and ensure that any future supply issues do not delay shipments to our valued customers.

If you have any questions regarding your order or this message, please feel free to contact us at

The current order we’re waiting for was paid for 2 weeks ago.

Just got an email update regarding my most recent order - Silence broken?
This is unbelievable

I wonder why they didn’t say something like this on the forum, which would allay the concerns of everyone reading widespread tales of gloom and doom. Those not experiencing delays are all disquieted by the rampant complainism, too.

I wonder if the quality control issue is related to the red Soylent or some of the other issues reported here.


Like, on the first day they knew there was a problem.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.


@Soylent needs to keep us update on things like this, I’m in the same situation as you, except they haven’t even got back to me like they did with you. It’s a shame how such a great product is in the hands of a bunch of unorganized delinquents.


Was just about to come to the forums and post a copy of the same form letter.

Post link for relevance:


Got this too. Personally I’m placated. I’m leaving for a two week trip on the 2/8 and my charge date was 1/14, so hopefully it’ll arrive by then (it’s cutting it close, 21 days after billing +2 days shipping would do it though). I wish they had been a bit quicker with this information though.


Got my shipping notification email earlier today. So with a little luck, we’ll get 7 more bags just as we’re running out of our current supply. And with significantly more luck, our previously paused 28-bag subscription will resume and arrive right about the time the new supply runs out.


That is a bit harsh I would say.
Mainly what they are doing wrong is not telling us earlier in the problem stage… but really the people screwing up are the people working for them… the suppliers and the co-packers… Rosa Labs are not producing or shipping the product themselves, they merely pay others to do it for them… anytime there has been a major problem.


haha I got the “sorry about the delay” email, and the next day got my shipment notification email. It’s right on time, for me.

(I think it’s just because they feel bad that it took over a year to get my first shipment.)

((and because they know I’m awesome))


Received “your Soylent order will ship approximately 3-7 days later than its guaranteed shipping date (14 days after billing.)” and then the next day a shipping number and “[your shipment] is estimated to arrive January 29 - February 4” (which is within 1 week of the guaranteed shipping date.)

Tracking number was posted 18 hours ago. They expect it will be active 24-48 hours after posting.

I feel sympathetic to those who were more impacted thank I-- but I can’t really complain about delays-- and that makes me happy.

Official single order & general customer feedback

I got one of these emails as well and then a shipment notification a few days later.


Hey guys, per the new policy, please refer all questions/concerns to either the official single order and general, or official subscription customer feedback topic.

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