Got mine today. Shipped APO AE


Took 7 days to ship to Germany by APO from California. I am really excited, the first taste was good.


Who or what is APO? xxxxxxxxxxx


Army Post Office.

Edited to add: No I didn’t know that before:



Yea sorry. I am active duty military stationed in europe. They got all the way here in 7 days. Almost as good as amazon prime.


So… why can’t Rosa Labs ship to EU customers?


It isn’t Rosa labs. It is USPS, APO is not treated as international.


This type of shipping has the same status as re-shippers. Rosa Labs ships to an American address and the military takes it on from there.

I’m Canadian, and using a re-shipper. I provide the Re-shipper address as my shipping address. Once my package arrives there, Rosa Labs is out of the picture.



Yup Yup.



How much does it add to the total bill?


I haven’t got my first shipment yet. But judging by my rough work, it could be about $150-200. It’s the price of shipping from the Oregon address to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There will be a menu of shipping options once Reship receives it.



Wow, that’s crazy! (not saying you yourself are crazy - just the additional price)


I had to pay about 70 dollars for a weeks worth. But that was all the way to Denmark from Axcho

Usps seem to have the cheapest option for shipping Soylent internationally with their prices based on the package size and not weight (fixed rate)


You are the man! I love it when people just make their own solutions. Happy Soylenting!


I’ve shipped a lot of book donations etc. to APO addresses over the years. From the sender’s end, it’s exactly like sending Postal Service mail to any other American address, even if it’ll end up in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East, or on a ship somewhere. The postage is exactly the same. You can use standard priority or express mail packaging. The only difference at all is that you do have to fill out a customs form.


I’m not as convinced of my own sanity as you seem to be :wink: . However, if Soylent becomes a real thing for me, it’s still cheaper than what I spend on most meals. That’s not to say, I won’t be eager for international shipments to start.