Got my email address confirmation email from a 5/30/14 1 week order


Got my email address confirmation email from a May 30th 1 week order…It mentions confirming by today…

Just a fyi/update for the board…

Order Delays for Soylent

hm…I wonder what this means for my 4 week subscription I made 7/15


Man, I ordered 1 week in April and no email.


@ana @JulioMiles


Just an address confirmation? If I’m correct, those aren’t exactly being sent in order, and don’t correlate to how soon your order is coming.

For example, I have a 6th May 1 week order, and received my address confirmation e-mail on 4th September.


You might wanna edit that and remove the URL.


Thx my pc locked up and I couldn’t get back until I rebooted…

@ana VP Marketing @MattCauble COO @JulioMiles VP Communications Please confirm no one messed with my shipping address and changed my order to ship somewhere else…Thanks

Not that anyone here would do it but I don’t want to take the chance some outsider stumbled on the link and got a case of the gimme’s


I was tempted, but I didn’t want to anger the Soylent Karma Gods this close to shipment.


:slight_smile: May your Soylent always be mixed, cold and ready :slight_smile:


@ana VP Marketing @MattCauble COO @JulioMiles VP Communications

You can delete this post/tread after you confirm things too if you like…thanks

Sorry for all the hubbub…Bub


Deleted, apologies for the delay!

Confirming also that your address was not changed.


Thanks! Any way to monitor that for a while? A link I could check to confirm…Or on your side…Either way, thanks…:slight_smile:


The survey will not accept any further entries from that link :smile:


Thanks…Hoping everything stays quiet…:slight_smile:


I ordered in August. 2013. No confirmation. But it was international… lol

I changed to a re-shipper a week or three ago, though, so I hope to get one soon.

<insert a comic from “waiting for soylent thread” here>

Hang in there dood