Got my Joylent today


So I ordered Joylent some time ago, but picked it up today due to being away for the last few weeks. First impressions:

There’s a paper with some info. @Koningsbruggen wants to make it really sure that he doesn’t take responsibility for the contents of this stuff, and he sells that message really hard (“I don’t know squat to be terribly honest”). It’s very lighthearted and though some of the homor is, uh, less successful, all in all I think it’s nice and presonal. This is obviously not Rosa Labs or Veridian Dynamics; it’s some dude on the Internet.

The bags of powder are all sealed and have made the transport without issues. None has burst. At first I was confused by the instruction to “open up a bag of Joylent and remove the small packet of oil”, since I couldn’t see any oil packets inside the powder bags. Then I found the two separate bags of oil, each containing ten smaller bags with oil. These smaller bags have, however, leaked during transport, and though the larger bags have mostly held tight, a small amount of oil has leaked out into the cardbord box. This is obviously not the ideal way to package the oil. I tried to sort the little bags into ones that had leaked and ones that had not, but this proved to be no easy task, as some were half-empty and some almost completely empty, and since I don’t know how much should be in each bag in the first place, it’s hard to tell if all of the bags have actually leaked during transport. I don’t have scales to weigh them, either.

Hopefully @Koningsbruggen can find a better way to package the oil and send me some new oil packages (my order is #230, hopefully you still have my details), like @Spaceman fixed his leaking powder cups.

Later: taste test!

EDIT: Didn’t mention: These are ziplock bags. So ziplock bags works well for powder, not so well for oil.


Sorry. I found a different solution for the oil. Will send it to you asap. Thanks for reviewing.


Thanks, @Koningsbruggen!

So I tried some of it just now, just added water and some oil (no idea if it was the right amount, though) and some ice and mixed and chugged. The “chalky” texture I’ve been reading about regarding official Soylent seems to be here, as well, so I’ve mixed up a new batch (w/o oil) and will let it sit in the fridge until tomorrow to see if that improves it.

Otherwise, the taste is ok. Bit banana-y, which could get old after a while. Coupled with the texture, I’d give it a rating of “drinkable, but not tasty”. Might try some variants later, like cocoa or blueberries. The cocoa should mix well with the banana flavor, I hope.

I’ll make a new post for new taste tests, and will report if I experience any side effects.


Try adding some salt and extra oil (canola for example) to your batch (be careful with the amounts) that took away the sweet and banana-y taste-


Thanks for the tip, @stp. Joylent seems to contain enough sodium already, so I shouldn’t have to add any extra salt to keep up the levels, but I guess one could add some more for the taste.

Tried one that had been sitting in the fridge overnight. Less chalky, still not quite “tasty”, but it’s not terrible. I’ve mixed a new batch and added some cocoa. That sits in the fridge now (I need to get a larger shaker) and I’ll try that later. I’ll probably get out and buy some more foodlike stuff later, as per the advice of not going cold turkey on regular food.

So as of yet, no gas, but a slight cotton-y feeling in my head, which might however be caused by sleep deprivation and jetlag from my China trip. I also get a sort of irritated feeling in my upper throat and sinuses. Let’s see if that persists.


Not that this will help in any way, but when I was experimenting around with my DIY there were a number of times I would say there was no way I could drink a specific recipe. Well, since I was too stupid to keep enough of the stuff for the old recipe, I was stuck with the new one. Within a day it tasted as good as the last recipe. I started with chocolate whey protein from Costco and thought that was good. Then I went to unflavored Rhino (I think) protein and it was horrible. The next day it was fine. A month later I tried vanilla whey protein from Costco and I thought wow, that is too much vanilla. The next day it was fine.

Maybe I’m just easy to please or the changes weren’t too big, but I felt like my body was happy with what I was feeding it so it changed my perception of the taste. Anywho, just something to think about.


@JeffLeBert: Yeah, I think I can get used to it.

So far I’ve done everything wrong. I never did go buy that muggler food, so I’ve gone completely cold turkey on regular food from one meal to the next. I’m also drinking it in “meals” rather than sipping throughout the day. And yet: No mustard gas, no potassium weirdness, no sodium headaches. I do still have a bit of a “cotton”-like feeling in my head, which is sort of like a headache but without the ache. It’s not really unpleasant, just different.

Oh, and best flavoring so far: cinnamon. Tastes pretty alright! I also added some whey powder I have, but of course, the stuff I happened to have at home is … banana flavored.


I got my joylent today in the UK. Opted for the vanilla flavour. My oil came in little plastic tubs but there was still a little bit of leakage.

Mixed up a day’s worth (+ oil) and left it in the fridge for a few hours.

Taste and texture is a lot like runny porridge/those oat drinks you can get. Not really much of a gritty texture and nothing that stuck around the throat.


I’ve been on 100% Joylent for a week now. It’s getting increasingly clear that it’s worse than my previous diet. I’ve still got some “brain fog” phenomenon, and I sometimes feel little mini-aches and signals that my body isn’t working on 100%. Nothing major, but I don’t feel as alert and lively as I did before Joylent. I really want this to work for me, and since I’ve pointed out some potential problems in the main Joylent thread, it seems @Koningsbruggen will look over the formula a bit. I’ll probably keep doing Joylent in the meantime, but I’ll only use it for part of my diet. Tomorrow will be my first regular meal in a week. I wonder how that will feel …


Hey Ari,

Thanks for reviewing. You are the first for whom Joylent does not work. Thanks for putting me in contact with Krillin.

As of today Pablo Pena, a food expert with a Master degree in Food Technology will be working full time on improving Joylent.

I will inform him about this topic and feel free to contact him if you (or anyone reading) has an idea on how to improve Joylent. He can be contacted at


Hi @Ari
As Joey already mentioned, thanks for taking the time to give us a little feedback. I’ll be in charge, as of today, of Research & Development here at Joylent so if you indeed want to get in touch feel free to shoot me an email.

As per your current mental state, I understand you jumped straight onto Joylent cold turkey after being away on a trip to China. It seems your body was probably already going through a lot of stress adjusting its internal clock again, which I’m guessing didn’t help when adjusting to a new diet.

I’d be interested to hear how you progress the coming days to see if it persists. As soon as you can rule out the possibility that you’re not just coming down with a little sickness rather than being affected by Joylent itself we can continue on to find why you reacted the way you did.

Thanks again!


Great! I’ll keep posting. I’m in the middle of a move right now, but I’ll keep posting later. And I think it might be too much to say it “does not work”. It’s not that I feel terrible or anything, just a little less “100%”. I might be unusual in that my diet was probably pretty healthy before starting Joylent.

I’ll keep track of my feelings, and I’ll probably be close to 100% Joylent for at least a few days more.