Got my soylent, but no starter kit


Can anyone tell me the measurement of the scoop and how much water you are supposed to use? I have no scoop and no pitcher so I have no idea how much soylent to water to use.


edit: removed a tag to julio, i realised your soylent just maybe shipped faster =)

Per Julio, the scoop is: “135 ml, a little under 2/3 cups.”

The pitcher is 2quarters / 1.89 liters:

Ideally, you’ll want to basically fill that pitcher with powder, then water up to the top, then shake. unfortunately, i don’t know the volume difference.

He also said:
" 1.5 scoops water for each scoop of Soylent is much closer to the pitcher preparation ratio."

so to approximate, 135ML of soylent to 200mL water. ish.

note: someone better at math should check my work.


According to your order tracking, the starter kit should be delivered Monday. You should have received a shipping confirmation email for the starter kit – did you?

Apologies for the inconvenience! You should mix about 50 ounces of water with a pouch of Soylent and oil bottle to make a full day.


Thanks all for the replies.

I received notification of pending shipments on Friday but they were generated prior to shipping so the tracking info had not caught up. Also, the notification said there were 3 shipments, a 1wk a 2wk and a 4 wk, which was sort of confusing as that I thought I had done a kickstarter of 4 weeks and an additional add on of 4 weeks.
I did receive a total of 8 weeks though, so no harm no foul there. The notification did not mention the starter specifically.

The Soylent actually shipped faster than the tracking info, which is fine by me :smile:


A friend of mine also ordered 8 weeks and her shipping notification said 1wk, 2wk, and 4wk. What’s up with that?


Did it say:
“Item Glossary:
Soylent - Soylent / 7: One week of Soylent
Soylent - Soylent / 14: Two weeks of Soylent
Soylent - Soylent / 28: One month of Soylent”

Because that’s on all shipping emails…


The ratio is just 1 to 1



What it says on the scoop is wrong. 1.5 water to 1 scoop powder.