Got my Soylent today


1 week backer and now I am a consumer. Just mixed my first pitcher and put it in the fridge for cooling before adding the oil. Of course, I couldn’t resist tasting some straight out of the pitcher. Mmm tasty. Like a Vanilla malt. I can already tell there is something in there my body craves. Probably a vitamin or mineral I don’t get with my usual microwave fare. I only bought one week primarily because I was concerned with flavor. It seems that issue may be gone. I am withholding forming a complete opinion until I try it cooled for a few hours with the oil added but so far so good.


I’m a one week backer too, and I got mine a few days ago. I immediately loved the smell of the powder as soon as I opened the pouch. Someone else on this board has described it as smelling like cake mix - I’m not much of a cake eater (or baker) so I couldn’t place the smell exactly, only that it smelled wonderful!

My first taste (after chilling it in the fridge for three hours, felt chalky, but otherwise good. By the second day the chalky feeling was gone, maybe because I got used to it. I’m on the waiting list for a monthly subscription (I think I ordered in July), so I hope I get more soon.


That is great news. :slight_smile: I am not backer but ordered the day after backer orders expired. I look forward to finally getting my order.


Just finished my first pitcher. The taste is fine and I have already subscribed for another months worth. The few hours of cooling in the fridge did make it smoother. I think I may like it a bit thicker than the directions suggest. The next pitcher I am going to leave a few inches of water out. Today I had one normal meal and the rest was Soylent. So, I had the full 2000 calories and a normal meal. lol. If I keep that up I may get a bit round. The plan is to have at least one meal per day and the rest soylent. Gotta give the ol’ bod time to get used to this new food.


I ordered a one weeks worth on 2/9/2014, just got it today 9/30/2014,
happy to see things are finally moving. Just mixed up the pitcher using
already cold water, plan to let it soak for at least a couple of hours before
trying it.

I did take just a tiny taste and thought it was quite nice, looking forward
to later tonight.


I drink it by the glass every couple hours, so once I finish a pitcher (I’ve only gone through four so far, still in my first week of official Soylent), I wash it, refill it, then stick it in the freezer for half an hour before putting it in the fridge. Cuts down on the cooling time.


Just finished day 3. Still drinking the whole bag in a day with one meal of real food. That’s a lot of calories. Breakfast and lunch are soylent, then a regular meal and for some reason I’m still hungry later so I finish off the pitcher. Got a routine going. At night I make the pitcher and the next day I add the oil and drink my breakfast. The first two days my roommates thought we had a sewage backup somewhere. They don’t know it was me! Day three all is back to normal and I’m hoping I can stretch these bags until I get my refill order. I’m assuming my stomach will shrink or my hunger will decrease so I’ll quit drinking a bag a day with a regular meal. Not planning on going 100% soylent but would like to get down to 2 drinks a day with that meal.
How are ya’ll mixing yours? I fill my pitcher 3/4 full, drop in all the powder and stir it up real good. I then shake for 60 seconds and stick in the fridge. When I wake up I add the oil, shake, and drink.