GOUT, first flare up in two years


I’ve never taken allinopurol. The first couple times I had gout it was pretty bad but I noticed that the docs just gave me a prescription for high level NSAIDs, so now if I feel what might be it coming on I just hit the NSAIDs hard for a day or two and that usually stops it or at least slows/lessens it. So fortunately it’s not that big a deal for me. And it doesn’t come on that often, maybe 3-4 times a year. But when I had a couple mini-bouts (or maybe it was one longer bout) right after trying 1.5 for the 1st and 2nd time it got me a little worried.

Are you saying your gout has lessened since you started Soylent, or instead has it remained absent? I’d take allinopurol or whatever if I had to but I’d like to avoid taking anything if possible. I don’t now if side effects are an issue or not.


I am saying that my gout has almost disappeared since I started Soylent. That has been for six months. Previous to that, it was not a serious condition, but I could tell it was there. Before I started taking allopurinol I was getting occasional burning sensations on my toe that were almost psychedelic in intensity.

To summarize:
pre-allopurinol – burning sensations. Pre-Soylent with allopurinol – mild but persistent discomfort.
Post-Soylent with allopurinol – little or no discomfort.

Now I have been wondering if I should discontinue my gout medication entirely. I wouldn’t do that without talking to my doctor, of course. I’ll wait another six months before considering any changes.


What was your pre soylent diet?


Miscellaneous stuff. Sorry; I didn’t keep a record. Pizza, hamburgers, salad, frozen food, etc.Whatever it was, it kept my gout going.


I am currently going through a terrible flare up of gout right now. I am on day 2 of the flare up after having visited my doctor so I am able to type. I have been on Soylent for a few months now and have wondered if its use triggered the gout. This is very concerning to me and may eventually cause me to stop Soylent altogether.


Gout is also hereditary so that probably has an effect as well.


My gout has practically been cured by my 100% Soylent diet, so I guess I’ll have to quit regular food.


I hate to say it but at least for me I think there’s a connection between Soylent use and Gout problems. I’ve been on Allopurinol for about 3 years - soon after my first flare-up after a big sushi lunch. Since then I’ve been on 200mg/day and it’s worked very well, no real flare-ups and only the occassional pain in my toe joints if I really eat the wrong thing. The biggest problem I’ve had is with this Miso Cod dish at Cheesecake Factory which I love but sets off some Gout pain every time. So I’ve suspected before that soy+fish might be an issue for me but I don’t have problems with edamame or other soy products. I eat plenty of oatmeal and have never had a problem with oats either. I also eat protein bars and things like that without an issue.

However, I just started trying my first order of Solyent 2.0 last week. I love the idea and think the product is delicious, but I’ve started getting the familiar twinges of joint pain. People who have had a Gout flare-up know that you don’t take chances once it feels like something might set it off. So unfortunately I’m going to have to stop Soylent.

It looks like people have had mixed experiences, so I don’t want to say this will be the case for everyone, but I think people should be warned to proceed with caution using Soylent if they have Gout.


I have had Gout flare-ups, but none since I started on Soylent a year and a half ago. Recently I have been considering asking my doctor if I should stop taking Allopurinol since it has been so long since I’ve had a Gout episode.


Reviving this thread.

I just started Soylent 2.0 and for the first 2 weeks everything was fine. (I consumed the original flavor and cacao interchangeably). Week 3 my gout flared up pretty badly. Now it’s week 5 and my gout flare up still has not gone away. Usually my gout only flares up for a week at most (except for that rare occasion where it went for 4 weeks). I don’t take medication because everytime I go to a doctor they keep testing me for weeks and I ran out of coverage for the year.

I really hope it’s not soylent since I do like it.


I’ve been consuming Soylent for most of my diet for years, with no gout outbreaks. I’m not on 2.0, but I have been, sometimes.I guess that if you are on the verge of an attack, many things might put you over, including Soylent.

I don’t think gout is caused by someting you have been doing for a few weeks. I don’t think anti-gout medicine is very expensive, and I haven’t noticed any aftereffects. I’m taking allopurinol.


I’ll be watching this thread. I have never been diagnosed with gout, but the last blood panel I had showed high-normal numbers for uric acid, and I suppose there’s a possibility that there may be a correlation there with the occasional pain I get in the joints of one of my big toes. I just started 2.0 100% a week ago, so I’ll see if there is any effect on me once some time has gone by.


Classic gout symptom for me was pain so intense it was psychedelic, on one of my big toes. It went away fairly quickly, but I had another similar episode. This was before I had ever tried Soylent. I have never had another episode, but I’m taking preventive medicine daily.


Damn, that’s terrible. My occasional soreness is nothing compared to that.


“occasional soreness” Wow what I wouldn’t give for that. My gout flare ups are in my ankles. So for all intent and purposes I’m bedridden, but no sleep due to the pain. Just to manage the pain at a sane level I used to take 20 Ibuprofens a day (every 4 every 4 hours during my awake time, labels says no more than 12 a day? HA). That 4 week gout attack? Little to no sleep due to intense pain for 4 weeks makes you go insane bit by bit…
Finally got good insurance to get testing completed and got meds. Though the doctor was stating “oh lets just wait for 4 more flare ups to ensure that it’s gout”. Um no. I don’t think you understand what you are asking of me. Give me my meds.

Still drinking soylent, but still afraid of the flare ups.


As I said I don’t have gout and I was only floating the possibility that my high-normal blood uric acid may contribute to my very minor foot pain. In the 10 weeks that I’ve been on Soylent 2.0 100%, I have had absolutely no symptoms, so either the soreness went away on its own, or Soylent somehow helped, or at the very least Soylent has not made the matter worse. Another plus in my book.

I do however have pain in my right elbow and shoulder, but that developed while I was doing very large numbers of pushups and only comes back when I over-use those joints. Also since I began exercising again I started taking glucosamine and chondroitin proactively to (hopefully) prevent that particular pain. So far, so good.


Yeah, this thread is worth keeping alive. I’m about to go into doctor and I’ve had a severe gout attack for a few days now. My left foot is totally nonfunctional. I’ve substituted Soylent because it’s been really beneficial for my stomach inflammatory issues. Very easy to digest.

I can’t walk without crutches for the last couple days. I’m 34. I also messed up my feet in the Marines, and it doesn’t seem unrelated; my doctors agree. I should see my rheumatologist about this. I’ve also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (party!) but I’ve been struck with gout attacks this severe for the first time in my life only a couple times before.

As I was lying here thinking about when the attacks this severe began, I began to ask myself: what have I introduced to my diet that’s new that I can remove and reintroduce in controlled isolation? :bulb:Lightbulb: Soylent. I don’t eat anything new, but I actually eat less bad stuff and drink less bad stuff. The only thing new is Soylent.

I’m gonna remove it from my diet 100% for a while and then reintroduce it controlled manner to attempt to relatively isolate for its effects.