GQ Article - "My Shameful Love of Soylent"

An interesting article from the perspective of someone who was initially opposed to Soylent


So shameful.    

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I know the shame. I’m always kind of embarrassed to admit to coworkers or friends that half my meals are soylent. I’m already dorky enough, I don’t want to also be the guy who doesn’t eat real food.


No shame here. I find most people are ok with it once I explain that I use it for meals I don’t care about and eat normal food when I go out with friends and family.


I brought Soylent up with my doctor a couple weeks ago. Initially she was worried because I was doing 90%'ish. Once I showed her it wasn’t just a protein shake -and- she saw my blood work, she was OK with it. Said she might recommend to some of her patients.

Back to the thread topic, I have never been ashamed of Soylent. I was ashamed of my odd eating behavior with “normal” food. Soylent has “solved” that so life is not good!


At work, im the guy that runs at lunch, walks during breaks, and drinks that milk stuff. My car sports a rebel alliance sticker and a millennium falcon sunshade. My ID card lanyard is Star Wars themed, I am a dork.

So be it, own it, think different, be different. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My doc was very accepting of it because of my weight loss and overall health. Whatever was working for me worked for my doctor, my blood work came back great.