Grains of rice in my soylent?

My soylent seems to have some little hard grains of rice in it… is this normal?

Lot G5112DA v1.5

Haven’t heard of that before.

Get a pic of it?

probably clumped vitamins

Tagging @Conor because that is NOT normal.

I have found many of these but they all look like this:

They are very hard. Their texture seems like rice and their texture when wet seems like rice.

Because they are mostly oblong I do not think they are clumped vitamins. I think they are rice.

Oh should I stop eating it then? I wasn’t too worried because rice isn’t going to hurt me…

Contact, we can assist you further once our customer service team knows more details. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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That sure looks like rice.

Don’t shout too loudly about your free rice, everyone will want some.


I am still working on my stash of 1.4 and there was a batch that had those sometimes. They float to the top and there’s never more than two or three in each 500cal portion. Always white, hardly ever bigger than the one @glass pictured, and when bitten they just crumble and are flavorless. I would not be surprised if they turned out to be rice.

Funny how when something is so homogenous we notice something so small. I bet if these little things were in a potato salad or something (at the same rate, ~2 per serving) we would never even notice.

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It’s a bit US-centric to include a one-cent coin for scale. You should use something more international, like a banana.


I’ve noticed that about every tenth or twentieth veggie pizza I order will have a tiny bit of sausage or pepperoni on it.

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Is there a standard size of banana?

And onion rings often have a spare french fry.


A grain of rice is probably >= 10 mesh. The coarsest screen in a hammer mill is usually 60 mesh. That tells me that Rosa Labs does not properly mill the Soylent powder mixture before mixing. Content uniformity of a mixture is achieved when the proportion of the ingredients is identical all over the mixture. The smaller the particles, the better the content uniformity.

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I always use a banana for scale.



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The variation in banana sizes allows for misleading advertisements…helps make a sale when size matters


Hey everyone, I spotted the Imgurian.