Grand Unboxing for a first time consumer [Soylent 1.3, Ordered June 28, Delivered Fri Dec 19]


Continuing the discussion from Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]:

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First things first, I received my Soylent on Friday Dec 29 late in the day. The exterior box was a larger than appropriate sized cardboard box that had been cut down and folded over to reduce extra space on the inside. So the packaging was not sized properly, but had been manually resized to meet the needs of the box contents. (There was one large plastic air packing insert to prevent one of the smaller boxes from shifting during transit.)

Upon opening the box, I discovered that one of the @Soylent boxes was pre-opened.

The content of the opened box matches the content of the unopened box. I checked the lot numbers on all of the Soylent pouches and Oil blend bottles. Everything is exactly the same. The Oil blend bottles do not come tamper proof. This is a concern for all shipped food, especially when the box comes opened.

Once a pouch is opened, prior to mixing, the dry powder smell is overpoweringly vanilla. Not much else can be distinguished. Additionally, the powder is evenly distributed through the bag, resulting in an explosion of power upon opening (since there is powder between the pouch seal-line and the tear-line.)

I did immediately wash my pitcher (I’ll post a separate topic with pictures of how it disassembles, since this is a frequent conversation topic on the Soylent forums) and make a batch of Soylent. I consumed a very small portion (2-3 sips worth) to evaluate taste and texture and then refrigerated the rest.

I did smell the oil bottle before pouring it into the Soylent pitcher. The odor is slightly unpleasant but is mostly neutral.

Once mixed, the Soylent odor is predominately the sucralose/vanilla sweet scent and cake batter (powdery or floury), with a background unpleasant scent of the oil.

The taste was runny compared to my DIY People Chow experiences. I’ll need to evaluate exactly how much water is going into the pitcher (I didn’t specifically measure it the first time through, I just filled according to directions.)

I had a half-glass about 2.5 hours later, after it had chilled. The taste profile did not change. The flavor is too sweet and the sucralose does not obscure the oil flavor (for me.) Both the first-mix-room-temperature tasting and the 2.5 hour later tasting were mildly unpleasant.

While I write this post, I’m having my first full glass of Soylent. I have taken beano proactively to hopefully prevent my wife from being exposed to chemical warfare a la Soylent.

The texture has thickened slightly after sitting over night. It is still much runnier than the DIY People Chow I make but graininess of Soylent is dramatically less than DYI People Chow. (That masa is very grainy coming out of the bag.) The oil is slightly less noticeable but the sucralose is still too sweet for my taste buds.

I’m working a 12-16 hour day today (scheduled maintenance), so having the Soylent handy to reduce time spent on meals is going to be a huge improvement to the day. It means I can work through the day with minimal interruptions, hopefully getting done up to 2 hours earlier because I didn’t spend that time on breaks or food.

I’ll have more photos later of the box contents and Soylent prep.

Guide - Soylent Pitcher Disassembly & washing instructions

One trick most of us picked up on after our first couple mixing attempts, is to drop the sealed bag on the counter/table a few times to force the powder down from the seal. I go a step further and after doing this 5 or 6 times and prying open the ziploc (without opening the bag) manually, I tear open the top strip just BARELY enough to allow an air gap. This makes it much easier for the powder to want to fall down into the bag after a few more drops. Then I can tear off all the way and get little to no powder mess at all.


I do the same, but I add an additional step: I cut the bag open underneath the ziplock. I’ve found that ever since they beefed up the ziplock a lot of powder gets stuck in it when pouring it into the pitcher. Cutting it off completely makes it much easier to pour without making a mess or wasting any powder.


Good point. I do one more extra step personally which is to pour water into the “empty” plastic bag and shake it well, then pour that into the pitcher as well, so that I get all the residual powder out of the bag.



5 days on Soylent 1.3. By the end of the first pitcher I was finding Soylent revolting. The subtle oil flavor plus the excessive sweetness from the sucralose was killing my willingness to consume this product. I did find a solution though.

The holy trinity of flavoring: Salt, Sugar and Lemon (salty, sweet, sour).

Too sweet: add salt + lemon
Too sour: add salt + sugar
Too salty: add lemon + sugar

Supporting reference:

I prefer 5 dashes of salt (I am experimenting still) and a squeeze of a lemon from a wedge of about 1/12th (or 1/16th) of the whole lemon. I add the salt + lemon immediately before consuming.

Beyond the first day I have not taken any Beano. No unusual gas issues.

I did measurements on the amount of water and it’s roughly 6 cups (measured, not glasses) of water. So 1 additional glass of water on top of Soylent is the minimum recommended amount-- although if you do some research you can find that the quantity of water you should consume varies based on several factors including height, weight, age, body mass, environmental temperatures, exercise, and so forth. I drink extra fluids on top of Soylent and have not had any headache issues.

I’m replacing roughly 2/3rds of my daily meals. (Wife enjoys a dinner routine, and that routine is interrupted when I am trying to consume Soylent instead of participate in dinner prep and dinner consumption.) A pitcher of Soylent is lasting me two days. (I do not consume a full 2000 calories per day. It’s usually a quarter of a pitcher each meal, plus a home prepared dinner or occasional dinner out.)

I find the Soylent does not fill me up the way People Chow did. With People Chow I didn’t feel a need to snack, but with Soylent I am occasionally feeling peckish for a snack within an hour of consuming Soylent. (Not full on hungry, but left wanting something.)


What a cheapskate @vanclute ! I’m surprised I didn’t think of that. :smile:


LOL :slight_smile: I do something like this with Schmoylent… I usually pour a glass that I sip from and keep in the fridge alongside the 2-liter mixer bottle. When all is consumed I’ll usually fill the glass with water and drink the watery Schmoylent so as not to waste any…


With 1.3, I started holding the top of the bag so it was halfway closed as I dumped the powder into the pitcher. That minimizes the amount of powder-dust, I find.


I just stuff the entire top of the bag into the pitcher and shake. :slight_smile:


I do this, too, after putting a couple of inches of water at the bottom of the pitcher first.


I’ve mentioned this is a few postings previously, but I add some tablespoons of peanut butter powder (not peanut butter!) in with the Soylent powder. I’m similar to a lot of others that like the taste…a lot. Sort of yeasty, the PB powder seems to make it a bit richer and satisfying, and I sort of like the chewiness, which I think some others may characterize as gritty.

I’ve tasted gritty, and I can’t understand how anyone would consider Soylent to be gritty…

I make one “official pitcher” batch at a time, was thinking about going with smaller batches in a shaker bottle, but the pitcher seems to be the right amount to make each time.

For many years I’ve had two meals a month - The 3 “square meals” a day of up to 1,000 calories each - nearly 3,000 calories a day when at most everyone should be at 2,000 net or under - is slowly killing many Americans.

Soylent is replacing breakfast & lunch, half a pitcher a day for two days in a row. I have the half pitcher gradually between morning and noon. Generally, a glass in the morning, and then pour the rest of that day’s allocation into a thermos bottle to take to the office.

I just finished my first shipment of 7 bags a month, which replaced 14 meals a month at 1,100 calories per meal of a 2 meal a day routine. Trying to keep the 2nd meal under 1,000 unless I’ve had a chance to exercise a bit.

And, they shipped my next batch - the new generation 1.3 - right on time

Making my first batch of 1.3 this evening, will let it chill overnight, and I’ll have a chance to sample it tomorrow morning. Two days of a Soylent breakfast/lunch. Looking forward to it!

I’ll be upping-my-order shortly to two shipments a month, replace 28 meals of a two-meal-a-day routine, which would have Soylent providing me with about half of my food intake.