Great job on the Colbert Report, Mr. Rob Rhinehart!


I just finished watching your interview. Really well done! I hope it is productive.

Stephen seemed to actually like it… especially with bourbon.


Thanks for this. I only have netflix/hulu and didn’t want to wait.

Good segment. Rob did well. It helped that Steven didn’t interrupt him as often as he usually does.


Sucks he didn’t have much time to explain his product :X He had like 1 min or something lol.


Thanks for uploading it… Rob starts at 15 min


@rob You did good, Colbert can be hard to talkiing “over” since it’s part of his persona, but it was obvious he wanted to give you good rep :smiley: it did seem like you were trying to press too many words into too little a time frame, but I sitll love you <3


@mrcodehpr01 thanks man, appreciate it!

That was great. Colbert was totally funny, and Rob was able to get a surprisingly large amount of information out in a short amount of time, well done.


It was excellent. I’m sure they will see a bump in their orders now.

I don’t think he used bourbon though. It was Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Has anyone tried adding that yet? How did it taste?


Is it just me, or did Rob seem very nervous here? Otherwise he did good.


I think he was a little upset or frustrated that he couldn’t really explain it as well as he wanted because this product can be interpreted as many things.


You clearly did not wait until the show ended. Smh…


Fair point. My bad…



Direct to it


@rob slow it down a bit on the words per minute and dumb down the language so its like normal conversation rather than a technical explanation. Work on showing emotion in your face when you talk and adjusting your voice so its not monotone.


Thank you. I think it went well.


considering it was on a comedy show, i think it went rather well for promoting a serious product.


Rob had a tough situation to handle. Any time he spoke, he knew he probably had a matter of seconds before Colbert was going to jump in, so he had to communicate a lot of information very rapidly, in order to beat the clock. All in all he managed it pretty well, there were only a couple times when Colbert clearly stepped on something he was trying to say.

And yeah, for a comedy show… it was remarkably friendly and tame! Nicely done all!


In my opinion, he did well considering the circumstances. Getting interviewed on that show is super difficult because not only did he have to explain the product and its purpose, he also had to keep his finesse with Stephen’s jabs. Thankfully, he plugged it well. Great episode overall.


I disagree. I want someone who comes across as scientific and intellectual producing this kind of product. If he had gone on there and tried to show a bunch of personality and dumb down the language, it may have been more entertaining, but not better for the product.


Congrats Rob. I just wish you had mentioned the angle of “I agree meals are enjoyable, but it should be optional.” Even Colbert probably has the few odd dinners where he just rushes through it to get it done. Also you should get a cat and hold it while stroking it during interviews :wink: