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The posts that I would ask all Soylenteers to consider liking are:

For those Soylenteers that are unaware, the discourse forum that we are currently using supports badges.  Among the badges is one for “Great Post”.  To qualify as a great post, a post must receive 50 or more likes.  The Great Post badge is the only real badge that has yet to be granted! (One of two if you count “Elder”; which has only be granted to the system.)  I’ve seen three posts recently that I believe are deserving of a “Great Post” badge.  So, I’m encouraging everyone to read these posts and - if you concur that they are valuable messages for Rosa Labs - click the grey :yellow_heart: icon below the post (you can confirm that you’ve liked a post by finding the statement, “You and x other people liked this.” near the heart icon and reply button.)  It would rock if the Rosa Labs team came in Monday morning to three great posts, one that explains why the most recent update was so unfulfilling and two examples of what would be fulfilling information!

Cross-posting to each of the posts to bump their threads.


And your post should be the example of “How to offer critiques that contribute to discussion on the forum.”

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A round of applause is in order for @Karunamon and his Great Post!


Thanks to you and everyone else that liked that post up… I’m very flattered.

That said, I hope RL takes it to heart. A post explaining in detail what the backers would like to see now has more popularity than posts from the owner of the company. I 'd like to think that’s kind of significant. I hope they do too.


Karunamon, your post shows exactly what the vast majority of regular backers want & demand to see. Great stuff; I’m very happy your post has gotten the recognition it deserves. I hope it achieves its goal.


A round of applause is in order for @dialogos and their Great Post!