Green juice vs. Soylent


So my wife watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"
You can guess what she is starting soon.

I helped her make some yesterday and it got me wondering about Soylent and me…

  1. How similar are the two in their ability to ‘detox’ the body?
  2. “There might be unknown ‘things’ in veggies and fruits that science currently does not know about, but your body needs!” You hear them say, how likely is it that Soylent is ‘missing’ something that in the long term may cause issues?
  3. I hear vitamin overdose is a thing, should my wife be worried if shes chugging this green juice and then has a cup of Soylent? Which vitamins/minerals in Soylent are the best to watch out for not replicating in other foods?
  4. What are the main crops used in Soylent? Wasn’t really familiar with Kale until yesterday, curious what else is out there I don’t know about that may even be in my Soylent (Coming any day now!)
  5. Does Soylent stain your clothes? Carpet?
  6. Does the smell change throughout the day as the Soylent warms up? I may want to have a whole days worth at my desk. Is that smell offensive? (Fart jokes )
  7. How much Salt do I add? Does my wife need to add anything to her green juice so her fast is more effective? (Just add Soylent amiright?!)
  8. If you want to add more protein into your diet with Soylent, what you think goes best with rice protein to build mass?



The idea of a ‘detox’ is effectively a myth; the body already does that job every day, but living a healthy lifestyle makes your body’s job easier. Here’s an article from The Guardian that talks about this in more detail. In short: Soylent will be as healthy or more healthy than most juice diets because it provides a complete profile of macronutrients and micronutrients, whereas a juice diet will often be skewed in its nutrition simply because of the source ingredients.

It’s almost certain that there are things that we don’t know about nutrition that Soylent does not (knowingly) address. This is also probably true of any juice you’ll concoct and is certainly true of what most of the world would think of as an ‘average’ diet.

It’s POSSIBLE that Soylent lacks something specific that will cause issues in the long term, but our bodies are pretty adaptable and have been surviving on nutrient-depleted diets for millennia; Soylent is an incredibly nutritious food so it seems unlikely to cause problems even in the long term. Not to mention that most people aren’t 100% on Soylent, so any unknown mystery nutrient is probably more than adequately met by (random snack of choice)

This is something that you’ll probably want to look into. There are people here who are much smarter than I am who could help, but it’s difficult to say without knowing the ingredients and amounts that she’ll be juicing versus the amount of Soylent being consumed.

Also worth mentioning that juicing alone could result in vitamin overdose if you go overboard with certain things. That’s something that basically can’t happen with a normal portion of Soylent, all things being equal.

Oats are probably the biggest ‘crop’ by weight, and the protein is derived from rice. Others could answer you in more detail

Nothing that shouldn’t come out with a little detergent, but I haven’t had any serious tests of this thankfully.

The smell (of the Soylent) is pretty neutral once it’s been mixed, a slight vanilla scent as it warms up, but I’d recommend getting a thermos to get you through the day.

I’ll leave the other questions for the community.


Thank you, lots to chew on.


On the contrary, both of these diets are liquid :wink:


Get a thermos. Keeps it cold all day long.

I’m a fan of the classic whey protein isolate. Low in iron and extremely bioavailable.


Soylent is about 450mg short in Sodium which is slightly over 1 gram of salt. (a tsp is about 6grams) (that would bring it to 1500mg sodium)

Either a nice tasty steak :smiley: or some whey protein. (or any protein you can find) Do keep in mind that one of the reasons your farts will likely smell more when on Soylent, is because of the protein being high in Sulfur… adding more protein potentially make it slightly worse.


People have survived on a pizza only diet for 25 years. I guess soylent is better than pizza (re: nutrition that is)

But there’s nothing wrong with eating a piece of fruit, or a salad (or a steak)…


People like that guy are an exception rather than the rule. I doubt anybody else can survive on pizza only for 25 years. Thats why he made it into the news in the first place. And tordenskjold was talking about the extra ‘gas or smell’ the steak could bring, if consumed on the same day as soylent.


Re: the unknown things in veggies and fruits: I’ve been starting my morning with a glass of “green juice” every morning for more than a year, way before I heard about Soylent. It’s that powdered supplement that’s supposed to give you all the benefits of a day’s serving of vegetables through some sort of concentrated magic. I started on Proventive VegeGreens but switched to Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula when the first product mysteriously disappeared. I trust Soylent to take care of me, but at the same time, the morning green drink makes me feel better about those vegetable-free days. Only 30 calories per serving, too.