Green Powders for micro nutrients and probiotics


Just curious if any one has tried or considered adding in a green powder for micro nutrients and probiotics? I’m really looking forward to trying it when the campaign ships out. (considering trying one of the DIY recipes in the meantime, only my lack of knowledge is holding me back) but, back to green powders, Ive been using them for a few months now and they are amazing and i can tell when i miss taking them for a day or so. what I normally use is green vibrance ( does anyone with more knowledge than I have see any benefits or problems with using this along with soylent?


The whole point of Soylent is to get the micronutrients you need in one place. Having said that, having taken a cursory look at that green vibrance thing, it does indeed look like the micro part of Soylent.


There is 333% of your vitamin E in there, which will probably interfere with Vitamin K absorption.


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