Green Spots on Pitcher? Right after Preparing

I’m seeing a mix of posts talking about green spots being mold vs being safe. I made the pitcher, then drove to work (30 minutes). I’ve noticed them before within 15 or so.

What are they? It’s 1.5.

I think that is just some of the fat that is encapsulated in the maltodextrin. I’m pretty sure the only mold problems were with the 2.0 liquid version


Mold was 2.0 bottles not being sealed properly.

That looks like oil or fat to me.


They look like clumps of lecithin. Mold doesn’t grow that fast and tends to have a more “fuzzy” look to it.


Indeed these are bits of lecithin. No need to worry :smile:

I thought that problem was just that outside of the bottles had traces of Soylent 2.0 on them.

Soylent was splashing over the rim during the bottling process.
This would prevent a proper seal from forming when the cap was screwed on.
Thus mold growing inside.