Green tea Soylent is quite tasty


Try as I might, I’ve not had much luck with coffee and Soylent combined. But the other day I was given some amazing green tea ice cream and the texture immediately reminded me of Soylent. Why had I NOT thought of this combo before?

So, I made green tea Soylent. Results: pretty darn good. Now for the fine tuning. (note to all: I never measure anything. Next time, I promise to take more care and list how much green tea to how much Soylent I’m mixing)


I tried green tea powder, and it was bitter. But I added it right before drinking; maybe I should try again, mixing it into the Soylent and letting it sit overnight. Thanks for the idea!


I can see where it would get bitter. I never measure anything (will try to get better at that) so I suspect if I added more, it would tip the balance. I was about to go get powder to try tomorrow. I’ll report back.

EDIT: I just looked at the tea I used: The Tao of Tea brand Morrocan Mint. Obviously the mint was subtle enough I didn’t notice it was in there, but may have helped cover the bitterness.

I just ordered Rishi matcha green tea powder to try. Not sweetened.


What about brewing a big pot of tea and using it in place of water in soylent?


Worth a shot. When I used 8oz brewed to 8oz premixed soylent it was too subtle. Didn’t think about replacing all the water. I am, however, looking to add only enough tea to the entire pitcher for the equivalent of 3-4 cups of green tea per day.


@soylentnoise - check here

I’ve done pretty much what you reported, to this day about 3.5 weeks on soylent I’ve made various teas and used it as whole replacement for the liquid in soylent, green, black and flavored black teas. the flavors don’t always come through but green and black plain add the most noticeable difference. If you want to limit your tea intake brew enough for your daily intake and replace the rest with water or only mix partial day soylent with the amount of tea you want to drink per day. :slight_smile: HTH.

Also I’ve used cold press coffee as a whole replacement for the liquid in soylent, and it turned out amazing.


Okay @bjoshman, I’m going in. About to brew/mix a batch.

I also received ten individual packets of Rishi matcha green tea that I can put into 16 oz soylent at a time. It will be more expensive, but gives me more freedom if I don’t want a full day of green tea Soylent.

Beautiful. Thanks! I’m not really into flavoring my Soylent (except for the occasional caffeinated product). I like it as is, but on occasion, who knows? Seems like folks are having a lot of fun with this.