Grinding your own oats?


Has anyone considered grinding their own oat powder? Honeyville or whatever (the same company that sells maltodextrin in bulk) also sells oats in bulk. I was just wondering if this would be possible, and if so, what do you think the process would be?


buy a $300 blender, food processor or even better yet table top grain mill or just buy powder. I have tried three blenders with no success, it is hit and miss.


Do you think a magic bullet would work for this? I know they’re not “expensive” but I’m hopeful.


What about a coffee grinder? I use this one

They are made to make stuff to fine powder, blenders are not.


I have a coffee grinder, it’s just that I use it for…well, coffee. A magic bullet would just be much more versatile, I think. If I can get away with only having to buy a couple new appliances I’d like to.


I find rolled oats locally and grind them on a blender. It’s just a 400 watt blender and it works fine. I have to put in more than the 150g I use per day because otherwise it gets stuck and have to shake it a bit as it runs.


I use a cheap coffee grinder for oats and flaxseed. Works great. the expensive coffee grinder is for my fresh roasted coffee. :slight_smile: