Grit on neck+lid of Soylent 2.0?


Recently I got a batch of Soylent original flavor from Amazon expiring January 8 2019. So far every bottle has had grit stuck to the neck and the lid, some bottles more than others. The grit is flavorless and otherwise everything is fine, so I’ve been drinking them as usual. Has anybody else seen this before? It’s not bad, it’s just a little bit peculiar.


I’m had this many times. I just drink it and haven’t run into a problem.

My theory is it’s related to the boxes sitting in hot warehouses or trucks during shipping. As I can cause it to happen by leaving an unopened bottle (from a “clean” batch) in the hot car.

The Strawberry turning into Yogurt bothers me much more. Think it’s also heat related but I could be wrong.


Agree I’ve seen this many times. Usually it’s the whole box. It seems to be powder that didn’t dissolve or has separated due to evaporation or heating.


Maybe a new sign of respect! Instead of a redneck which can have negative implications, a gritneck implies grit or toughness (I’m guessing)

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