Grittiness of Soylent 1.0


The particles in Soylent 1.0 are by far my biggest issue with it. I’m doing all the right things WITHOUT resorting to investing in a blender.

  • Massaging the pouch before opening to eliminate clumps
  • Adding oil only after having added water and shaken the pitcher
  • Shaking the pitcher profusely after combining oil and water
  • Letting the pitcher sit overnight before consuming
  • Shaking vigorously before pouring, and in between sips in the Thermos

At this point, I don’t think I could do much more to make it smoother, without adding a blender. If that’s wrong, let me know.

If a blender is what’s needed, what do you folks throw in to add smoothness?


How about a blender ball?

That’s what I use for my DIY…


What’s your water to powder ratio? Adjusting that may help with texture.


Yeah I’m wondering the water ratio as well. I find that it has a texture, but nothing I would ever call “gritty”… and I’m pretty damn fussy about texture. I’ve heard both that a blender made it frothy and somewhat hurt the flavor, and that it makes it smoother & better. Not sure what the difference was between the two ends of the spectrum though…


My old roommate couldn’t handle our DIY because of grittiness, I had him try this and he loved it, so long as by the end of mixing, a day of Soylent is almost 2L of liquid. Personally, I prefer it a little thicker, but when it’s thinned out it seems very smooth to me. But if that’s not the issue, try blending it with a banana and/or creamy peanut butter, that should help smooth it further.


I had a friend try some the other day, he immediately asked me if it was mixed with milk. When I told him no, he said “Oh what’s it mixed with then?” I said water and he did a double take. Totally couldn’t believe it, thought for sure it was in milk since it was so creamy.


Try putting it in the refrigerator overnight. I read that helps.


I think I’ve found the perfect shake-technique:
Add ice to cover the bottom (about 8 cubes?)
Add water to cover the bottom.
Add powder. (I put the bag a few inches into the pitcher and shake it in there to avoid spilling.)
Add ice to cover the top of the powder (about 8 cubes?)
Fill with water up to 3 inches from the top.
Shake what yo’ mama gave ya!
This makes it so the powder doesn’t clump onto the pitcher, eliminates grit, and makes the Soylent even colder than when it’s been in the fridge, which I think improves the taste.


Interesting… my very first batch was made with ice (though not your exact technique) and I found that Soylent seemed to stick to the ice and possibly cause more grittiness. It was my first time though, I may have to try again…


TL;DR version - Don’t add the oil until the very last minute before consuming, at least until after a few hours in the fridge so the particulates soak up all the water they can not hindered by being covered in oil.

I’ve been slowly adding my culinary knowledge to this process as we go. I thought about how I could possibly make soylent smoother even tho I am not unhappy with the texture. It dawned on me that we are all trying to let the various particulates soak in as much water as possible to make them soft. I thought of another process where the food stuffs takes on water to make them soft and pliable, cooking noodles. And as Alton Brown has fought us ( ), adding oil to the pot of noodles actually increases cooking time because it prevents the water from being absorbed. I had my wife try this first and I was able to use this technique this weekend. It’s not a night and day difference, but it does change the texture enough to notice. There’s just too many particles, the suggestions for more liquid helps too, I’ve been thinning mine out to make it easier to consume the same amount over a longer period, and ensure better hydration.


Aha, great idea adding the oil after a lengthy soaking! I’m gonna have to try that next batch…


I received my 1-month initial order on Friday, 6/13/14. I just started drinking Soylent yesterday, Saturday, 6/14/14, and I precisely followed the instructions for “PREPARING WITH AIRTIGHT PITCHER” as written in the shipping insert.
I LOVE!!! the taste, but it was “gritty”.

I just made my 2nd batch 6/15 in my Blendtec blender, at its “number 1 speed” for about 60 seconds.
It was VERY smooth and equally or more DELICIOUS than before. NO GRIT!
I strongly recommend a blender.
ANY blender will do.
You don’t need a $400 Blendtec.
I add nothing.
If only mixing powder, water and oil, the most economic blender will probably be fine.

I’ve already ordered my recurring monthly supply of Soylent, and I intend to consume 100% for the 1st month.
I’m also increasing exercise and outdoor activity. Gotta get my vitamin-D. :smile:

Before starting, I visited my physician and ordered Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, and Lipids tests from Quest Diagnostics, which I will repeat in 30 days and share my results, if there are any significant differences.



Oh WOW… I can officially report that adding the oil AFTER the batch has had a chance to soak for at least a few hours seems to make a massive difference in the texture. Just tried it on a batch I mixed up yesterday and I’m drinking it now. It’s pretty much perfectly smooth. It also tastes slightly different somehow… I’m not quite sure how to pin what’s different exactly. Still very tasty, but it’s much smoother than normal. I didn’t object to the texture before, but now it’s so smooth I wouldn’t even really say it had a texture.


So if you’re mixing a batch overnight, make it “vegan”, then add the oil and re-shake in the morning?

Hopefully, mine will turn up on Thursday ( refreshes FedEx website again), so I’ll give that a shot.


Yeah exactly. Just mix it with water alone, shake, and let chill. Then whenever it’s time to consume (or probably better, a little while before), add the oil, shake like the dickens, and enjoy. I think I’m going to be doing it this way from now on.


i will try this with my next batch… thanks!


Will try this too tonight!


I tried it also and noticed a difference in that there wasn’t so much “dregs” at the bottom of the pitcher.
I’m going to try letting a vegan pitcher stay in the fridge for 24h before adding the oil. See if that makes it even smoother. :slight_smile:


Awesome, definitely gonna try it. :slight_smile:


No, I’m pretty sure I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t have a place to put one until after I move. :-/

I wish I’d seen this thread earlier as I just mixed up a new batch tonight. Will definitely try the oil thing on the next batch and have my dad try it with his. The grittiness doesn’t really bother me anymore, but my dad still complains about it.