Gritty vs creamy

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Hmm… Never tried a poll before, but since so many seem to object to the grittiness of 1.5 and the ‘slimy’ creamy nature of 1.4 drove many others crazy… I thought I’d try a poll to see which of these two texture options people would choose (if these were the only options, I concede 2.0 is probably ideal)

Wait - creamy or slimy? There’s obviously a difference.

I’d choose creamy, but if you mean slimy then I choose gritty.


Ditto to @smeggot. If you mean “creamy” I’d vote creamy but if you mean slimy like 1.4 I prefer gritty. When I think of creamy I think more like 2.0 and not slimy at all.


I guess I have a hard time with the distinction. The texture of 1.6 reminds me of 1.4. I never understood what people meant by slimy and assumed it was just creamy.

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Mucus or raw egg whites = slimy for me.


omg gross, 1.6 is so nasty. it’s like drinking snot. and it sticks to your teeth in the most disgusting way making you lunge for the nearest toothbrush.
i loved the granular texture of 1.5, The taste and texture of 1.6 makes me want to cancel immediately. i will see if i can choke it down for the next day or two but i seriously think i’m out.

Lol. I wonder if it helps to make it thinner (i.e. more water)


that is actually an excellent suggestion. thanks! maybe even a few ice cubes.

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I think I have good news for you. I believe 1.6 is the worst tasting thing I have ever eaten in my life. And that lingering after taste - BLECH! But now the good news…I think it tastes SO bad, that my brain tried to protect itself and started severing the neural connections responsible for detecting its taste. Every time I drink it now it seems more neutral, and the aftertaste is also dissipating. So - keep drinking it, and over a relatively short period of time, it will become neutral.


Yep! Phlegm feels much different in your mouth than ice cream. lol


These results will be skewed.


With 1.4 I found it better to mix it immediately before consumption. I have not tried 1.6 (intentionally stocked up on 1.5.). I like to let others try new versions first.


yes! mix it much thinner (right before consuming), with a few cubes of ice in your shaker bottle and it makes it much, much better. still not nearly as good, or satisfying, as 1.5 but at least i won’t have to “choke it down” anymore.

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I haven’t got 1.6 yet, but like inod3, found 1.4 to be less slimy (2.0 is creamy–fine!–1.4 was slimy–gross) if I mixed and drank it immediately. (I also had to slightly flavor it, which I haven’t had to with most other 1.x’s.)

Will have to wait and see if I need to do the same for 1.6.

Cool… I’ll try this. I still have a few bags of 1.5. I was thinking of mixing a 1.5 and 1.6 bag then making two days of mutant 1.55… (as an intermediate taste adjustment… although could end up with something worse than either :open_mouth:) Also there’s always the prospect of adding some cocoa…

As for 1.4 I still never got the slimy… it seemed just as creamy as 1.6 although it’s been a long time since I had 1.4.


I did also dilute 1.4 as well as drink it freshly mixed. Dilution does mitigate a number of sins.

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This is true & it’s what I used to do. (I’m all about 2.0 now) It does make the Takeya pitcher irrelevant, though - you’ll want something larger, unless you’re OK with mixing 2 half-batches per day or whatever.

You can still use the Takeya pitcher (or whatever) since it is easy enough to dilute it at the time you drink instead of at the time you prepare. I would mix it the normal way, let sit overnight. I would fill my Blender Bottle 2/3 and then fill the rest with water.

I found that still left my Soylent slimy. It was a better result for me when I thinned it out from the get-go & it could soak overnight like that.

But I don’t care either way since 2.0 came about, haha.

i found that pitcher to be less than useless anyway.
mine had to be tightened down ridiculously hard to keep it for going everywhere when shaken.
i just got a 26 ounce blender bottle from gnc and just mixed each “meal” individually when i was hungry.

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Overtightening causes it to leak, actually. You just need to close it normally (assuming it isn’t damaged or defective in some way).