Gross-taste neutralizers for "oops" situations

I think as DIY’rs we’re all afraid of ending up with a batch, or ingredients, that just tastes bad but don’t want to waste money by not using it. I’m starting this thread to keep track of "I added (ingredient) and it tastes gross and neutralized or masked it with (ingredient).

My story is that I’m stuck with 27 servings of Pea Protein and 11 of Hemp Protein. Both are not appealing to my tastebuds. The strong flavor of the Pea Protein neutralizes the Hemp Protein taste. That batch still tastes weird/awkward, but I can consume it without fear of puking.

Today, by chance, I put my dose of coconut oil (the pure liquid kind, not the stuff that solidifies) in my nasty batch that has the Pea Protein and Hemp protein. It almost 100% neutralized the flavor of the Pea Protein and Hemp Protein. :smiley: Needless to say, I’m ecstatic that I won’t have to deal with that taste anymore.


I eventually ditched chia seeds, they tasted gross to me though I found brown sugar masked them. Once I went keto brown sugar was no longer an option, and I never found anything else to help. Worked out well though, my soylent is much smoother now.

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I countered the blahness of masa harina with a quarter teaspoon each of cinnamon and stevia.


I don’t mind chia, if they’re blended after soaking. That’s too much work though, so I doubt I’ll use up that bag. Everything else I’ve tried, if it doesn’t work well, I just use it up in small amounts and don’t repurchase it.


I didn’t mind the texture, it was the flavor that did them in for me. I usually blended, but when I didn’t they remind me of Boba. I haven’t needed to blend for a long time now, which is nice.

I just wound up giving away a bunch of the DIY supplies I knew I wouldn’t use, rather than trying to work them in somehow, or letting them spoil with the thought of “maybe someday I’ll need them”. When I made the switch to keto I had a fair bit of carb stuff left. Got them out of my way, and helped someone else on theirs.

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