Group Backpack on the Pacific Crest Trail


Comment: I didn’ t want to create my own topic. So I searched for the word Backpacking and for five threads in a row when I tried to add a comment I got a response saying this was a really old thread and did I really want to revive it.

So here is my new thread.

I think a group trek across California using Soylent would be great PR, like the recent film and book Wild. I would like to go on such a thing, maybe starting in May at the Mexican border origin of the PCT.Any other interest?


Sounds awesome. I’d so do it if I was allowed into that country. :tent:


You a fugitive, smeggot?


No, but I did piss off their government once.

I’m feeling much better now.


I pissed off the US govt myself once, to the extent that I was listed as a potential Presidential assassin. (plus they got my race and eye color wrong) But eventually they gave me a Top Secret security clearance anyway.

So they might forgive you.


Happens to the best of us, nothing to worry about.


Soylent is awesome for backpacking/camping, though, for sure. On the last evening of my last trip I ended up telling the Soylent story to 3 groups of backpackers, all gathered around me at the eating area around the beer-proof food locker. I kinda felt like a guru for a while there.