GROUP BUY {GB} question >>>>>>


Would it be worth it to get together either small or large groups {based on criteria to be decided later} and see if we could get a group buy/volume discount?

Just curious to see if it would be worth it…Or possible.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?


It would be nice for this to happen, although it would most likely require shipping by common carrier (Think tractor trailer) instead of fedex/ups/etc. It’s a higher cost to ship small batches, but it’s close to the same price whether the truck has 1 pallet or 20.


No offense but they kinda already did a group buy, thousands of people got in on it… With demand as it is at the moment, they have zero incentive of doing a ‘group buy’ in the traditional sense.


No offense taken…I haven’t been following this as closely as some…Just gauging interest and gathering info/intel


Also group buys (at least in the automotive parts area, that I’m familiar with), are to manufacturers who normally only sell to resellers. The group buy is to get an order large enough that they don’t mind dealing with it. The discount then is to the reseller’s cost, but you usually pay an additional shipping fee to the person who’s organized the group buy, for them to send it on.

That also doesn’t apply here, as there are no Soylent resellers, all purchases are directly to the manufacturer.