Group buy of basic formula


Hey guys, I’ve been lurking since the Discourse board opened up, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone propose this idea. Correct me if I’m wrong!

On previous forums (!) I’ve taken part in what are called “group buys.” Something which people only want a relatively small portion of can only easily be bought in bulk. So everyone agrees to pay for x amount of the bulk product and when enough people sign up someone orders it, divides it up accordingly, and ships it out.

I’m ready to switch to Soylent, but I want to get it before August. I’m impatient, my weight is up, and my health is low, but most of the recipes seem to have a high investment cost both in money and in required knowledge.

I’d love to get some advice from some of the smarter DIYers in the community, agree on a basic recipe and places to order the ingredients from, and then pay just enough to get some Soylent. Not the vegan ketogenic cat recipes (you guys who do that are great!) but just a vanilla one-size-fits-most recipe. There could still be room for tweaking, some of the ingredients could be left separate to make it easy to account for individual needs for kcal/proteins/etc.

Is anyone interested? I live in Dallas, TX and I’d be willing to organize it for people in the US (international peeps can also group up here). Don’t worry, I’m not trying to crowd in on Soylent Corp, entrepreneurism is not my cup of food. I just want to get healthier, sooner.


If there was a way to guarantee the authenticity of this, I’d be down for it. Specifically, I’d be down for splitting the cost of a few ingredients. Mainly the maltodextrin and oats because you can buy both of these majorly in bulk for roughly a dollar per pound. Unfortunately, you need to buy fifty pounds…which will last me more than seven months. So if there was a way to guarantee I’d get half, I’d be really into this.


I’d be down. I think it would make sense to group buy some things and buy others on your own. IE Vitamins and such. Also the once challenge I see is that you wont be able to tweak the formula as easily


Does anyone know if anything is going to happen with this?


I’d be more than willing to organize this in the US and could possibly expand internationally, depending on the country and their customs agencies.


I live in Oregon and basically really want to split the cost of the maltodextrin and oats, as I said before cuz they’re the most expensive except for protein (for me anyway) but will last twice as long as any of the other macros.


I live in Oregon also and would be interested in splitting those big ticket items as well. Though I won’t have the financial flexibility to do so until July.


You’re in Oregon? How close to Portland are you, if you don’t mind me asking? Ideally, I’d like to find a couple people to split the cost with that way we could just meet somewhere and divvy out everything without having to pay shipping.
Also I won’t have any money until next month, like…July sixteenth or so, I think.


If anyone would like to buy smaller increments of formula (for example, a week, a month, etc.) I will be more than willing to sell you a smaller increment of my latest formula and ship it all divided out for you.
Feel free to PM me about it or just reply here!


Oh hey! Didn’t seem like there was much interest in it but I guess I was wrong.

Good idea with just splitting the maltodextrin and oats. If anyone else is still down for doing this with shipping (ie non-local) then let me know.