Gummy multivitamins


In my attempts to make my own diy soylent, I found that the multivitamin, for how little of the overall mass it represented, made a significant negative impact on the texture and flavor of the end result. Has anyone tried using gummy multivitamins instead? any reason not to?


I think it would be hard to disperse a gum and you will need to swallow it in parts.
But if you swallow - why not to swallow multivitamin you have?


You might be able to melt the gummy down to a syrup and then mix it in… I don’t see a reason not to try at least.


High temperatures can denature a bunch of the vitamins and amino acids found in multi-vitamins. Also, melted gummy liquid hardens very rapidly back into gelatin form, so I have no idea how that would mix with soylent. It’d be a fun experiment but I don’t know that I’d drink it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well might try separate it into fine particles somehow? It would be gritty though.


I hate the gummy vitamins- they make my teeth hurt from how sweet they are.


I can’t speak for all of them but my wife has some of these and the ones she have contain what I feel is a not insignificant amount of filler and sweetener to make them taste like candy. So outside of the gelatin issues that could be an issue.

I would either simply take the multivitamin in the morning or if you want to space it out to maybe help with absorption consider a bill cutter. Cut the pill into half’s or thirds and keep them in a ziploc bag to take with each shake?


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