Habit Personalized Nutrition


A company is beating Rosa Labs to the punch in terms of genetically-personalized food: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161025005607/en/Habit-Pioneers-Personalized-Nutrition-Category


People aren’t unique.


Genetically there is around .03% genetic variance. African populations are among the most variant (probably due to having the longest history of spontaneous separation and re-integration).

You are technically incorrect but if it helps, yes, people are quite similar.

Goes without saying that most of our DNA is considered “junk code” and a few gene switches on their own can kill the human.

In any case, neat article @Dias TY for sharing


Why not just hire a live-in cook to prepare all meals? After all, who’s to say your nutritional needs tomorrow are the same as they were today? Answer: some options are just too expensive. I didn’t see an estimate of Habit’s cost, but it also sounds just too expensive.


I meant in the terms of nutritional needs. Context.


You are then suggesting genetics and nutrition are exclusive mechanisms?


I mostly agree with you on this, but if I claimed to have the prefect diet that happened to contain a lot of peanuts, there would be plenty of people who disagree with me. There are anomalies & plenty of things we still don’t understand about genetics.

Right now it may seem a bit premature to customize based entirely on genetics, but basing it on height, sex & age seems perfectly doable. And one of those things is genetic.


I agree, I think our ability to measure nutrient absorption will improve over time as well and certain combinations (so called synergy) will offer even more targeted results.

One example that comes to mind is the failure to include EGCG in a “nootropic” blend of a brand I won’t name. It is necessary because it has 5-HTP in an already questionable dosage, problem being you need it to cross your blood brain barrier. Circulating in your blood it has deleterious effects. 5-HTP is also considered unsustainable for long term use, a disclaimer unfortunately missing from the site and product itself.