Hacker School Soylent and DIY marketplaces


What is the status of DIY soylent marketplaces? I’m out of the loop.

I’ve seen this thread about powerderedfoods.com, but the site doesn’t have very much listed on it.

What I personally want is a place where I can buy my own Hacker School Soylent mix. I still drink it a lot, and I’d love to pay someone to not have to make it from scratch every time.

Is anyone interested in making Hacker School Soylent and selling it in that marketplace? It seems to be one of the more popular DIY recipes, so it might be a profitable side business for someone. You’d have at least one regular customer :slight_smile:

Alternatively, is there a reason that marketplace doesn’t seem to have hugely taken off? Is there a lack of demand, or issues with that site?


Hi @zach, the /r/soylent subreddit is probably the best place to keep tabs on the DIY marketplace these days. You can see a list of the main distributors here:

There’s also a nifty website called BlendRunner that compares popular options in a more glitzy way:

The powderedfoods.com website is one small pocket of the marketplace, these days. It’s cool, but it turns out that selling DIY is enough work by itself that you might as well make your own website instead of just posting there, so pretty much everyone has their own website.

As far as Hacker School Soylent, it may seem to be popular but it’s a pretty old, outdated recipe, even compared to People Chow. I’ve never heard of anyone talking about experiences with it or even requesting it in the last several months. I have heard it tastes really bad compared to other recipes. Not sure why you’d want to try that one in particular! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, he wouldn’t be trying it, because he says it’s what he’s been making for himself; he just wants to be able to buy it ready-made.


Ah, okay, that makes more sense. Thanks for the correction @asympt. :wink:


Yes, I agree with @axcho - most producers are developers and prefer to setup own website, rather unite on cooperative DIY soylent marketplace as it was initially thought…


Yeah, it’s funny… We’re all software engineers here, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would prefer just short “engineers” last time, since a significant part of our time now is dedicated to food.

By the way, @axcho - when I recall that beginning - I still feel that magic around.
May be it’s a new level of feelings, but it’s definitely magic.