Hacking coffee with butter/coconut oil and decreasing oil blend in Soylent

So, yes. I’ve been bitten by the butter in your coffee bug.

Known in US as bulletproof coffee, you put 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter and 1-2 tablespoons for coconut oil (or use MCT oil) in a cup of brewed coffee and drink only it for breakfast. Nothing new in the world, but seems to have become a foodie fad here. But since I’ve had friends recommending it, I decided to try it.

The company recommends, of course, you buy their special beans, which they claim are lower in mycotoxins, a toxic mold found in most coffee, but in my research, I’ve found the mycotoxins are low enough in most coffee you don’t have to buy a fancy, expensive blend.

My plan is to consume the “bulletproof” coffee for breakfast and in return, reduce the amount of the Soylent oil blend to my daily pitcher so I’m not fat-heavy for the day. Calorie wise, the buttered/oiled coffee would be 220 cal. I haven’t figured out the numbers, yet. I assume neither butter nor coconut oil gives any significant (or any?) Omega fatty acids, so I’m still trying to figure out how to implement this coffee trick into my daily diet while keeping my nutrition balanced.

I’m trying it for a week to see if I reap the magical benefits others are claiming: increased energy, kick-started metabolism, better mental clarity.

I know these are also claims for Soylent, but my experience thus far is I’m still drained (I’m taking in enough calories and have added the additional non-iodized salt).

Probably a placebo effect, but I tried it this morning and I’m not yet experiencing my mid-day shut down.

Has anyone else read about this or tried it and have opinions?

Sounds interesting. How does it taste? I love coffee, I am drinking a cup now. My new KCup machine is my favorite appliance right now.

Surprisingly good. I only used one tablespoon of the Kerigold, unsalted butter and one tablespoon of the coconut oil. Had a slight coconut flavor. Tasty.

After you add the oils, you’re supposed to blend it to get it to a latte consistency with a frothy head. Folks are using Magic Bullet, Vitamix, immersion blenders, but I just put everything into a mason jar and shook.

I wouldnt think that fully mixing it would affect anything other than possibly flavor.

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Well, it emulsifies it if you shake or blend. I think it effects texture and mouth feel.

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“I see” said the blind man.

I tried that but the butter made the whole thing inedible.

I’m on my third day of adding the minimum amount of butter and oil to my coffee. I do notice my energy is better. I’m less groggy than when I have coffee with cream and sugar.

I’m not sure how I’ll judge the metabolism aspect as I’ve already been experiencing a slow and steady weight loss on Soylent, which averages to 1.5# a week.

As for mental clarity, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll try to solve a crossword today?

Im having to do this myself as I am noticing the crash by mid day without it. Before I started using Aussielent I was having bulletproof coffee. And following a keto diet leading up to xmas i started loading more sweet potato carbs and then switched just this week so tather than dumping my daily coffe im doing a review trialing Aussielent for a month but keeping my coffee in because of my training so i dont crash. Good luck to you.
A good coffee keeps this lifestyle interesting.