Had my wisdom teeth removed Friday

All 4, bottom two were impacted. It was a rough experience but I had a few boxes of 2.0 ready to go. THANK GOD!

Soylent should be recommended to every person getting their wisdom teeth out. So much better nutrition than the traditional recommendations of of pudding, ice cream and smoothies.

It’s funny how Soylent started exploring the gaming market when there are still so many markets that are barely penetrated. We are still at the tip of the iceberg. I wish there was a Soylent stock so I can invest :smile:

THANK YOU SOYLENT for making my surgery recovery 1000% easier.


I had my wisdom teeth pulled 20 years ago. It would have been so much better with Soylent. :frowning:

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Solazyme (SZYM) is the closest you can get at this point I think.

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We know wound healing is better when you’re getting good nutrition, too, and it’s normally hard to get good nutrition when you can’t chew right.

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I began Soylentizing myself one month before having all my teeth replaced by implants*. This made a huge difference in my post-op comfort and convenience.

Now I have weatherman teeth on a titanium scaffold but I am going to stick with a 90% Soylent diet. No reason to do otherwise. I also gave samples to my dentist who added it to their recovery suggestions.

*result of poor genetics, poor dental hygiene and poor decision making regarding illegal pharmaceuticals.