Half frozen Soylent is actually pretty good


Made a pitcher with filtered water that wasn’t cold…I put a sports bottle of it in freezer and forgot about it for a while. Came back and it was too frozen to drink, but I unscrewed the cap and ate it italian ice style.

Pretty good.


I like to add 7 ice cubes to 500 ml of Soylent, then blend until it has the consistency of a milk shake


I was just thinking about blending Soylent with a bunch of ice to see how it turns out, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

Milkshake/Italian Ice Soylent may help solve the texture problems some folks have been having with 1.4


Yep maybe…Going to try my casein protein powder idea later today too…


Yes, a couple weeks ago I brought my thermos outside with me and after a few hours it was so cold the 1.4 inside was full of ice crystals - larger than what you would find in a milkshake - but it was a very pleasant change of state, I liked it.


Soylent smoothies are awesome.