Half of a bag every day


Hey guys.
Whenever I have Soylent I split the whole bag into at least two days.
I am going to go on an extended Soylent diet. I usually mix real meals and Soylent meals, but this time I want to be consistent.

I hope to lose weight and feel healthy. I’m a young woman in my 20s and I think that 1000 calories a day will be fine, but if I feel too fatigued or unhealthy in any way I will increase. Yes, I talked to my doctor.

This thread will hopefully encourage me to stick with it and I will update regularly. If I don’t update then you should totally bug the heck outta me!
Tonight I’m going to a gong ringing ceremony and having a vegetarian meal, tomorrow I will literally weigh in and post stats here, and drink half of a bag of soylent for my meals throughout the day.

Updating soon!

:kiss: Soyler


It really do depend on your activity.

At work Soylent 2.0 bottle is not quite enough as I get hungry 5 hours later for example.


1000 calories a day total, and your doctor approves? You must be tiny!


Best of luck, looking forward to hearing about it. I’m currently trying to lose a bit of weight on roughly one full bag a day.


I lost about 40+ pounds on 800-1000 calories a day for a several months, it wasnt’ overnight… I had regular Dr visits and bloodwork done. This was before i found Soylent but I’m averaging about half to 3/4’s of a bag a day, usually only half. I exercise regularly too. So far all my numbers are in line and I’m at a steady weight.

What helped me a LOT was an app/web site loseit.com which I’ve been using to track calories for the past 5 years or so. It’s so engrained into my brain to count calories intake and exercise burned ones that I look at menus at restaurant and calculate the calories in my head as a I read.


I tried 100% Soylent for a short time; a full bag every day. I lost weight pretty quickly doing that(5lb in less than 2 weeks) so I had to stop. I maintain my weight pretty well having about 2/3 of a pitcher per day plus solid foods, though.

I’m surprised your doctor gave you the go-ahead for 1000kcal per day, though! Are you 4’ tall?


I worry that you will not be getting enough micronutrients and protein… the full bag of soylent is 100%, so you’re getting 50% RDA of everything. Recommend adding protein and taking a multivitamin. Most vitamins don’t have sodium (and other things that I might not be aware of) so you might need to supplement your soylent with some salt to avoid hyponatremia, and beware that other electrolyte and nutrient deficiencies might come up.


Depending on the OP’s size and activity level she may be ok. The RDA for protein is 0.36g/lb/day (0.8g/kg/day). Also many micronutrients, if you really dig deep enough, have a RDA based on body weight. The rest don’t have such a recommendation because there hasn’t been any/enough research to make such a determination.

I would suggest taking a look at Soylent’s calorie estimator to get a rough idea of how many calories you may need.



Where’s your weigh-in @soyler ?

You’re supposed to be reporting in, and we’re supposed to be nagging you.


Are you sure thats the only reason for them not having such a recommendation, or could it be that there isnt a recommendation as the required amount of consumption doesnt depend on weight?