Handle on pitcher snaps, sending soylent flying everywhere


My fault, but very messy.


you sir made my day. :smile:


Oh that would be bad. I found early on that when shaking, it’s a bad idea to hold the handle as it can come loose - let alone snap. I now shake only by holding the body of the pitcher itself, and neither the lid nor handle at all.


I made the same experience when using a salad dressing bottle instead of a shaker bottle. For Shaking, a good shaker is King.


I did that. Then it fell and cracked and I was minus one pitcher… Dropped my fiance’s a few days later completely shattering it. I was sad.


Ouch… yeah I guess accidents do happen. I’ve almost had the pitcher go flying out of my hands before, but thankfully I managed to hang onto it. My shaking motions now are primarily very very small but fast shakes (think paint can shaker) rather than the big arm movement shakes of the past. Seems to work just as well and it’s easier on my body.


This may be bordering on the terribly obvious but if you make sure the pitcher is bone dry before starting and don’t spill any water as you fill it, you can shake like a madman with confidence (I can do this with one hand but I’m pretty big; two hands is probably more practical). If it does get wet on the outside, I grab the whole bottom with my left hand and the whole top with my right hand (I’d use the handle on the lid but I’m scared I will twist it open by mistake). You can then shake vigorously even when the pitcher is wet.


I’ve done this. Not good. One of the main reasons I no longer shake by holding the lid in any way.