Happiness is... (20 characters)


… discovering that this month’s Soylent shipment, which was supposed to arrive tomorrow, will actually arrive today - as you drink your last bottle.



The FedEx guy rang my doorbell with a box of Soylent while I was reading your post.


LOL tell him to hurry up and get over to my place. I’m hungry!! :smiley:


…aaaaand happiness turns to despair as you realize that the Soylent arriving today is Cacao, not regular. le sigh


We made new stickers that should also start popping up in your boxes.


Cool… will see what this month’s contain.


UPS arrived early… and there was much rejoicing!!

Older round bottles though which surprised me. Guess there’s still a lot in warehouses or something.


@vanclute, where do you order from? I order from Amazon, and sometimes the boxes have date stamps showing they sat in a warehouse for more than 6 months before getting to my door. I’m still getting a mix of round (for most plain boxes) and squircle (for most cacao boxes). Maybe if you go direct to Rosa you get fresher boxes. In the end it doesn’t matter much, Soylent does have a great shelf life, but now I’ll need to wait forever to get these stickers that @Conor mentioned!


This is from Amazon, and yeah I’m not at all concerned about shelf life… hell we’re still working through the last of our 1.3 which is I think going on 2 years past its prime now! LOL


You don’t. The Pennsylvania manufacturer consistently sends out batches that have sat in the warehouse for six months. I’m still waiting to see the “squircle” bottles.


Last month we got a couple boxes of regular flavored squircle, but otherwise I’ve only seen round for regular flavor. Cacao and Coffiest seem to be all squircle already though.


I purchase through Amazon and my shipment at the beginning of October was all squircle (Original and Chai).


which formula do you prefer?


Not a directive, but maybe consider not replying to every thread? You’ve responded to multiple threads that have laid dormant for six months or even years. So now we are all getting notifications for threads that were long ago put to rest.

Usually people don’t reply to old threads (a year since last reply) at all. If there is new relevant information, it warrants creating a new thread.

Thanks for hearing me out; whether you agree or not.


I really like being active and I find the old threads relevant to what I’m experiencing or am interested in :slight_smile: I will continue to reply if I find something gun or interesting <3 No offense taken lol, I do my best to read everything


Keep in mind that when you respond to an old thread, the person you are addressing probably won’t see your message. People have lives away from this site. If you want to communicate, you should probably pick people who are here.


Some people have been on this site for a couple years and have responded :slight_smile:always happy to talk with the experienced hehe