Happy Birthday, Soylent!


Looking on the timeline, January 13, 2013 is when Rob first began his own solo experiment. That was exactly one year ago yesterday! (did you have a party? I hope you had a party.)

Happy Birthday Soylent, and congrats to @JulioMiles, @rob, @johncoogan, @Dteln, @ICan’tFindMattOnHere, and the rest of Rosa Labs on building up a product basically from scratch in a year. Even counting the few delays, that is a pretty hefty accomplishment worth bragging about :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s looking forward to the next year in food innovation :birthday:


Happy birthday guys!


I remember reading about it and thinking " this is the thing I’ve been waiting for all my life! Now let’s see what will happen with this guy". A year later I’m ready with my own recipe and off to a good start :slight_smile:


Thank you but we’ll save the party for when we’re shipping. Yes a physical product in a year isn’t half bad if you ask me.

It is fascinating to watch an idea become flesh.



Or, in the case of Soylent Green, flesh becoming an idea? hehe sorry couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


Oh. Oh that’s terrible.



@codinghorror Thanks Jeff! By the way I have long looked up to you (and enjoyed reading your blog) and I can’t thank you enough for providing a civilized and streamlined way for individuals to engage over the internet. Discourse is awesome and Soylent would undoubtedly be a shadow of its present self if not for these brilliant open source codes. Cheers to your successful project and all of humanity is indebted to you and the Discourse contributors for bringing a bit of civility and class to the internet.