Happy Christmas!


Merry Soylenting!

Anyone going to actually stay soylent throughout today?

I’ll likely have some early myself, but expect to over indulge in lots of fine food with even finer friends come afternoon.


My daily food intake won’t change at all so… somewhere around 70% to 80% Soylent most likely.


If I didn’t have plans for a late lunch with some folks tomorrow I probably wouldn’t see a change either. I do tend to break away from soylent for social gatherings, but rarely otherwise… well… maybe to snack on some bacon occasionally…


Nothing changed for me. Pretty much 80% soylent (lower case “S” until gas issues fixed). I’ve always had an adversarial relationship with food so it was wonderful to sit at the family table with everybody eating food that would make me gag. I happily drank my 500 kcal of soylent. Soylent did make my Christmas just a tiny bit better. :slight_smile:


That’s terrific Jeff. Fortunately for me (IMO of course) I no longer have any family-of-origin that I get together with for any reason, and holidays in particular were always tough as the food smells would often make me very nauseous. I’d end up breathing as shallowly as I could, holding my breath, leaving the room a lot, etc. Of course Soylent wouldn’t help with that part, but I’m glad it was good to you! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas!

I made sure to get one bottle of soylent in me between gorging on all kinds of other delicious foods (free from the family / also freely supplied at work). I’m sure I exceeded my limits today, but that’s the beauty of soylent: I can do that occasionally and have no real concerns or guilt at all!

I love good food. It’s something of an unintended benefit of soylent I think, but when mostly sticking to an 80% diet, I can usually make sure that the 20% “regular” food is high quality! I appreciate the good flavors even more than I used to.


This characterization of food appreciation and Soylent describes my situation perfectly. I’m at about 60% Soylent, with one good meal per day–good meals (I am fortunate to be associated with fine cooks). On a different but related note, I tend to have jerky as a regular snack as well. It’s pretty healthy and takes care of salt. Merry Christmas, all!


jerky is pretty healthy? :slight_smile:


I used to do jerky too, for a bit, until it got prohibitively expensive (my budget is tight). Have you tried pumpkin seeds yet? They hit the spot pretty well for me.


I haven’t tried pumpkin seeds, but will give them a shot. You’re right; jerky is too expensive, which limits how much I can eat as well. It is great when backpacking, though. (And yes, jerky is pretty healthy, especially compared with all other snacks except fruits.)


It scratches the same itch for me. Though I dislike the chewy ones. You might have different preferences then me, though.