Hard Rhino Whey Isolate Bulk Storage


I bought 11lbs or 5kg which comes in a big bag that I am thinking of splitting into 5x1000g. But I have no idea what I should use to store it. I know it should probably be airtight and in a dark cool place.

I am thinking of just using 5 ziploc bags and removing as much air as possible when portioning.


The storage that I’ve seen recommended here is Vittles Vault pet food containers.

I’ve got four of the 50-lbs capacity ones myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I was thinking something a little smaller. I don’t want all the protein exposed to air over the few months it takes me to consume 11lbs of protein.


They have different sizes - see the link I posted. :wink:


I have a FoodSaver vacuum seal machine which comes in handy for various applications. I’m not sure how big a kilo of that whey stuff is, but the bags come in a long roll so you can make a very long bag. If the powder got sucked up into the vacuum sealer when sealing, you could bag it in Ziplocs first, then put the Ziploc in a vacuum seal bag. If you have room in your freezer to store vacuum sealed bags of whey, I’d imagine it would store almost indefinitely. If you’re storing it at room temperature, I’d speculate it would be good for a few months.


Axcho beat me on the link to the Vittle Vault, I have two of these in my home. One for protein and one for Masa. If you don’t want to spend the money on those you can certainly use any left over protein “jugs” you may have. Also depending on length of time you might consider something more along the lines of a food “bucket”. They have a much “stronger” seal. The pet food contains are fine especially for anything you intend to get in and out of on a regular basis. They are air tight but I would not say the seal is STRONG, it takes little force to open them. A food grade bucket takes a bit more effort to get in and out of lid wise and is more appropriate for long term storage accordingly.


I bought some two-gallon containers at Sam’s Club with good snap-on lids. I keep my bulk DIY ingredients in those. A FoodSaver would also be a good option if you use the wide bag rolls. Leave a tiny bit of air in it though as powder becomes a brick otherwise, and is difficult to stack and store that way.